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Get Wholesome With The ‘Good Old Fashioned Orgy’ Trailer
Thursday, July 21 by

The secret to orgies is to offer only light finger foods so people aren’t too full to bang. Learned that one the hard way.

Comedy Central Greenlights ‘The Nick Show Kroll’
Wednesday, June 29 by

Comedy nerds everywhere are fist-pumping ironically at the news.

Dogs v. Cats: Nick Kroll Settles The Debate
Friday, January 14 by

It’s an age old question: What makes the better pet? Comedian Nick Kroll answers this and many other questions in his upcoming hour long Comedy Central special, airing January 29th.

Nick Kroll as Fabrice Fabrice Interviews Steve Carell
Thursday, July 15 by

Fabrice Fabrice Interviews Steve Carell from Steve CarellNick Kroll is one funny motherf*cker. You may best know him as Bobby Bottleservice from the Ed Hardy Boyz Funny or Die videos, or Ruxin on FX's "The League," but he's also an amazing stand-up comedian with several characters in his repertoire.Fabrice Fabrice is Nick's extremely flamboyant, homosexual alter ego who dabbles in craft services. Fabrice Fabrice caught up with Dinner for Schmucks star Steve Carell at one of his snack tables and asked him a few professional and rather personal questions. It results in rosy cheeks and the improper enjoyment of fresh fruit.

‘Vaginal Hubris’ Music Video
Wednesday, October 28 by

The NFL. Sure, it has its merits. But up until a short while ago, it was still a passive experience. Then along comes Fantasy Football. And, lo and behold, with it came a reason to tune into every single NFL game from every week, because the outcome of every play meant – and probably still means – the possibility of whipping shit on your friend for your obvious superiority in selecting the most chemically perfect formula of football players who are clearly executing the specific plan that you personally have designed for them. It's like rocket science… but with heart and concussions.   

The League
Monday, October 26 by

Synopsis: Semi-scripted comedy about a Fantasy Football leagueCast: Nick Kroll, Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer, Jonathan LaJoieAirdate/time: Thursdays @ 10:30pm ET/PT Network: FX 

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