Maria Hill Hates Her Boss In Alternate ‘Avengers’ Opening
Tuesday, August 28 by

It’s still better than working retail.

The 6 Coolest Black Heroes In Movies And TV
Thursday, July 5 by Joseph Gibson

In today's post-racial society, it's a damn shame that there aren't more great black heroes in the media of movies and TV. But the ones we do have tend to…

Will Smith’s ‘Avengers’ Rap Is Perfect On Many Levels
Thursday, May 10 by

I’m not ashamed to admit I love this.

Jackson Reveals ‘Nick Fury’ Sidekick Info: It’s A Lady!
Thursday, February 3 by

Samuel L. Jackson, who appeared as Nick Fury in ‘Iron Man’ (post credits) and ‘Iron Man 2′, is finally getting his own shot at the spotlight in ‘The Avengers’, but he’ll be sharing it with a hot brunette sidekick.

Nick Fury Interested In Getting Thor And Captain America To Join His Superhero Team
Thursday, February 3 by

Ha ha, you have to sit through some more credits.

The ‘Avengers’ Comic-Con Teaser Trailer Has a Wicked Font
Wednesday, August 4 by

The Avengers Comic-Con teaser trailer has hit the net, and I can see what all the nerds have been fussing about. Between the awesome voice over and the super-cool font they used for the logo, I was barley able to keep from wetting myself. It was just too exciting. (/S)

Yeah, I know it was only a teaser trailer, but give me something I can use, Marvel! A shield, a hammer, a cape; anything is better than nothing. At the very least, tell me the Invisible Woman was standing there the whole time.
She was? Awesome!

Watch a sad excuse for a teaser trailer after the jump…

Samuel L. Jackson Says Nick Fury To Star in ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Movie
Thursday, May 13 by

This billboard never gets old.This past week, Samuel L. Jackson appeared on Radio Big Boy to promote Iron Man 2 in between bicycle horns and other wacky sound effects. He got to talking about his nine picture deal with Marvel and let slip the news that he will star in his own Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. movie. To me, it seems like he was just talking though.Jackson was pretty vague about when shooting would begin on the supposed film (sometime after The Avengers) and didn't seem to know much about the current slate of Marvel films. He didn't know who was playing Captain America, and mixed up Thor star Chris Hemsworth for Chris Pine. Though in all fairness, we handsome, strapping white guys do look a lot alike (we're always joking about that at our meetings). Still, I long for a day when I can live like Samuel L. Jackson, oblivious to movie news and the comings and goings of the Internet. Just once I'd like to feel the soft kiss of the summer sun. **squeaks finger slowly down window glass, sighs, resigns self to watching Hurley from Lost's "Dude" video** (Cinema Blend)

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