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Nicolas Cage Says He Passed On Playing ‘LOTR’s Aragorn
Thursday, October 1 by

Thanks to Viggo Mortensen, the poor man’s Nic Cage, for stepping in.

He looks like he's been "left behind" by the will to live.
Nic Cage Is One Of The Last Men On Earth In The Trailer For ‘Left Behind’
Thursday, August 14 by

I have always thought of Nicolas Cage as the quintessential Christian messenger.

Nicolas Cage Explains His Career, Likes His Beer Out Of A Human Skull
Friday, February 25 by

The press conference for his latest film, Drive Angry, revealed more than we could have imagined.

Enough With Nic Cage Already, Internet
Friday, January 21 by

Seeing two Nic Cage memes on the same day caused me to stop and wonder what the hell is going on? What is the Internet’s sick obsession with Cage?

Nic Cage Wants His Cake
Wednesday, June 16 by

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‘Crank’ Duo Wants to Direct (Amp Up!) ‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel
Wednesday, June 16 by

"Is that boy's head on fire?"Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two directors behind the tweeked-out Crank films, are negotiating to stab their hypodermic needle of creativity into the heart of the Ghost Rider sequel, entitled Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance. Nic Cage will return as Johnny Blaze, the stuntman with a serious dry scalp problem.The film needs to go into production before November or Columbia loses the rights, so who better to take a chokehold on the project than the guys who directed two movies where speed is a major component. I can't imagine the sequel to Ghost Rider could turn out any worse than the original. Neveldine and Taylor are basically getting permission to play with fire, and I fear not even the craft services table would be safe from their wrath. When Neveldine spots crafty serving up bananas foster across the stage, you know he's gonna want to bathe in those flames. (THR)

Nicolas Cage Could Be Too Busy for ‘Ghost Rider 2′
Monday, April 26 by

"Doggarnit. People like me."It appears that Nicolas Cage's crappy sequel plate is full. It looks like the cash-strapped actor may be forced to choose between roles.  From Vulture:Insiders confirm to Vulture that Columbia is facing a ticking clock on the rights to the BBQ-skulled Marvel Comics character: Legally, if the studio isn't in production on a sequel by November 14, 2010, the franchise automatically reverts to Marvel — which means the comic company's new owner, Disney. Insiders tell us that Columbia is asking Marvel for an extension. (Asking, pleading, it's a fine line.) But time is running out. Cage has spoken about his desire to make a second Ghost Rider; the issue is whether his schedule will be free before the deadline. Disney is also hoping to get him for a third National Treasure with Jerry Bruckheimer, which could be shooting as early as this fall and would presumably earn the star a hefty paycheck. And considering Cage's well-documented money troubles, that cash may trump his deep love of comic books.A Ghost Rider without Nicolas Cage wouldn't feel like a Ghost Rider film at all. That would be like The Punisher without Thomas Jane, or The Hulk without Eric Bana, or Iron Man without Terrence Howard. I can't even imagine a world where such travesties would be allowed.

‘National Treasure 3′ Drafts ‘Prince of Persia’ Writing Duo
Tuesday, April 6 by

It looks like Jerry Bruckheimer has found a kinship with writers Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. The pair wrote his next two blockbusters, Prince of Persia and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and now he has them on the hook to write a third National Treasure film for director Jon Turteltaub.When reached for fictional comment, not-real Jerry Bruckheimer had this to say:"The National Treasure films have always displayed a reckless abandon for all semblance of reality. After seeing how Carlo and Doug laughed in the face of physics and history with their other works, Jon and I knew they were the d-bags for the job. It also helps that they can't capture the way people actually talk."No plot specifics have been released yet but we'll keep you posted on Nicolas Cage's hunt for William Henry Harrison's gold or whatever it turns out to be.In the interest of full disclosure, I made that earlier quote up. (Coming Soon)

International ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Trailer Tries to Convince Us Magic is Cool
Friday, March 26 by

Jerry Bruckheimer would like you to know that Nicolas Cage is not some gay-bay sorcerer like you're used to seeing. No way. This sorcerer drives a sports car (and is probably going through a sorcerer's mid-life crisis). A new international trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice was conjured up today. (*submits resume to Variety*) In this version, we see the same framework of the first with Nicolas Cage in a dopey hat abducting Jay Baruchel from his life as a physics nerd to induct him into the life of a magic nerd. The largest difference is more footage of the excellent Alfred Molina as the villian "Maxim," a nefarious sorcerer who hangs out in dudes' bathrooms but then gets hidden hastily when girls are over. Sadly you'll have to wait until July 16th to see Cage go full-wizard. Witness the magic of computer effects after the jump…

New ‘Kick-Ass’ Red Band Trailer
Friday, February 19 by

Those tissues aren't for the tears. The new red band trailer for Kick-Ass tackles a subject very near and dear to all teenagers. The protagonist's dedication to making regular spank bank donations leads him to a higher calling: kicking ass without the help of super powers. I thought I'd be sick of more Kick-Ass footage, but the new trailer succeeds in its attempt to get me even more amped up. I'm thinking of stretching a pair of my neighbor's pantyhose over my head and putting an end to crime. I'll then be arrested for breaking into my neighbor's house and stealing her pantyhose, a charge I'll vehemently defend as a necessary evil.  Check out the trailer below.

‘Kick-Ass’ Red-Band International Trailer Features Lyndsy Fonseca
Tuesday, February 2 by

That's Lyndsy Fonseca, and she's in the new international red-band trailer for Kick-Ass. The trailer also features some new footage, a good story summary, and Chloe Moretz spouting out a particularly filthy word, but the quick glimpses of Lyndsy alone are worth the key strokes for the age-gate. If you don't watch Desperate Housewives or How I Met Your Mother than you probably are not aware of Lyndsy's winning smile, but you will be soon. I'm even considering seeing Hot Tub Time Machine so I can get a side of Fonseca with my overly broad concept comedy fix.By the way, the word Chloe (Hit Girl) says is "cock." A brain-tingling word like that and they gave it to the jail bait. Laaaaaamesville.Check out the international red-band trailer here.

Super Can Suck It in New ‘Kick-Ass’ Trailer
Friday, January 8 by

April 16th cannot get here fast enough. A new trailer for Kick-Ass was released today and it proves that you don't need a super power to be a superhero. All you really need is a gun and a penchant for violence. Mark Strong also appears as the villian who addresses the elephant in the room by comparing Nic Cage's Big Daddy to Batman. Now allow me to address another elephant. Mark Strong, did you steal Andy Garcia's face? Feast your eyes on the awesome new trailer after the jump…

Nicolas Cage is Everyone at His Birthday Party!
Thursday, January 7 by

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‘Kick-Ass’ Red Band Hit Girl Trailer
Tuesday, December 22 by

 The red band trailer for Kick-Ass certainly lives up to its name by showcasing Chloe Moretz's foul-mouthed Hit Girl as she kicks every ass in sight. More specifically, she shoots a dude through his cheek, cuts off a Malcom Jamal Warner lookalike's leg, and drops the "C" bomb on a room full of thugs. Now I'm all kinds of homesick. Seeing such a young girl growl the "C" word really makes me miss my nieces.  

Nic Cage Gives It to His Daughter Good in ‘Kick-Ass’ Clip
Monday, December 14 by

  A new character poster and clip from Kick-Ass has been released with Nic Cage as Big Daddy. No, I swear to you he's Big Daddy and not an earless Batman. I don't want to ruin the clip, but Cage engages in a questionable parental practice. However, I'm a firm believer in what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so bring on the violent life lessons! Then bring on these kick-ass links! The Hottest Babes in Christmas Movies (HolyTaco) LeBron James Grabs Quick Snack in Stands (TotalProSports) Hot Facebook Girls Abound (TheChive) '09 Hometown Hotties Winner! (Maxim) WB Cuts Kevin Smith's Dicks Off (FilmDrunk) Underwater Jet Takeoff (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Sci-Fi Flicks of the Aughts (Pajiba) Tiger Woods Diagnosed with Restless 3rd Leg Syndrome (CelebJihad) 12 Memorable Subway Scenes in Movies (Unreality) A Loss in 3D is Still a Loss for Dallas Cowboys (BustedCoverage) Don't Rush in to Marriage (RegretfulMorning) The New Leaked Google Phone (MadeMan) Denny Hamlin's Girlfriend (AllLeftTurns) Man Tasered at Crime Scene (NothingToxic) Find Out the Dirty Secret Behind Avatar (Atom)

‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Trailer
Wednesday, December 9 by

Nicolas Cage loooooooves fake hair. We recently posted The Season of the Witch trailer, in which Cage dons flowing locks of stringy fibers, and it appears he continues the trend in the new trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There's CG magic abound in the Disney film, and Jay Barachul in disbelief of most of it. I have to say though, the dragon stuff is pretty cool. I mean, it's no Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, because that "film" was clearly Rob Cohen jerkin' it in front of a mirror, so maybe Apprentice can give CG dragons the recognition they deserve.

10 of the Best Corrupt Movie Cops
Monday, November 16 by

Why in God's name did they make Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans? It's not as if there's a huge fan base clamoring for a follow up to the original Bad Lieutenant. And fans of the original aren't exactly going to be thrilled to see their cult classic re-imaged as a Nicolas Cage vehicle. While we're at it, let's make Harold and Maude: Miami Heat  or Eraserhead: Surreal in Sacramento. Even the director, Werner Herzog, wanted to change the title. After all, when you're making a movie about a crooked cop, you probably don't need a marketing ploy. Many films depicting good cops gone bad have gone on to become classics. Here are 10 of the greatest "dirty cop" films of all time. Dirty Harry – The Dirty Harry Series

Friday, July 17 by

Director: Matthew VaughnCast: Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloe MoretzSynopsis: Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so.

Thursday, May 28 by

Director: Werner Herzog Cast: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer Synopsis: “Port of Call” stars Cage as the not-good Lieutenant and Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Coolidge, Xhibit and Fairuza Balk as the people who helps him be not so good. Genre: Drama Release Date: December 2, 2009

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