Our weekly roundup of the best Netflix instant distractions continues.

Watch these movies...

...Because you want to see something good:

A pest exterminator injects himself with bug poison and proceeds to trip balls while running from the law. Also, there are giant cockroaches.


...Because you're bored:

A documentary filmmaker spends three years filming a parking lot, it's patrons, and the attendants who work there. Some of the cars may or may not be transformers.


...Because you're drunk:

Sean William Scott plays a washed up tennis player who lusts after hot chicks in bikinis and makes puns about his testicles.


...Because you prefer to shop at thrift stores:

People stare serenely into the distance while acoustic guitar music plays softly in the background. Working adults display the emotional depth of disaffected teenagers.


Other available titles:

Being John Malcovich

Boondock Saints


The Bourne Identity



Smiley Face


Paper Heart

Solitary Man