Step into the world of ninjas with inferiority complexes with these “Naruto” spoilers. “Naruto” is a story about a kid who is dealt a crappy hand and is shunned by his village. In a desperate attempt to deal with the feelings of inadequacy, Naurto dedicates himself to becoming the most powerful ninja in the village. Despite the basis of the show being one kid's efforts to give the finger to the people that made him feel bad most of his life, “Nauto” has some decent fight sequences. But thanks to our “Naruto” spoilers, you don’t have to sit through a depressing series just to see a few fights.

Attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon When Naruto was born his village was attacked by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. In efforts to save the village, the village Hokage—the leader of the village ninjas—sacrificed his life to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon inside the body of the infant Naruto.

Childhood sucks for everyone, even ninjas Since everyone in the village except Naruto knows that the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was sealed into his body, he was always shunned in the village. Being mistreated as a kid is what leads to Naruto’s inferiority complex and his quest to be the strongest ninja that his village has ever seen.

The trick that started it all A rouge ninja named Mizuki tricks Narutu into stealing a sacred scroll from the village. Before he can get away with the loot, Naruto is stopped by his teacher, Iruka. Mizuki goes after Iruka and Naruto for the scroll and Iruka is almost killed during the struggle. Naruto is able to use the Shadow Clone technique he read in the scroll to ultimately defeat Mizuki, but his victory has a dow side. This is the moment Naruto finds out that he has the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon inside of him.

Time for school The bulk of the story follows the adventures of Naruto and his three-person Ninja team known as Team 7. As part of their training, Naruto and Team 7 are assigned to completing various missions for the villages that surround the school. The missions vary from farming to bodyguard duty, but each mission ends up putting Team 7 in contact in some sort of danger and each mission is jeopardized at some point by Naruto’s quest for strength and his weird inferiority complex.

Exams and the ultimate defeat Narutu and Team 7 are dispatched to bring Orochimaru—a powerful Ninja and Iruka’s brother—back to their village before he can get his hands on Sasuke Uchiha, another powerful ninja he feels can give him the power he needs to kill is brother and ultimately rule humanity. Naruto finds Orochimaru but is unable to defeat him and bring him back to the village. After this defeat, Naruto goes into self imposed exile for two years in attempts to garner the strength he needs to defeat Orochimaru.

Akatsuki and the nine-tailed beasts Once his training is complete, Naruto is ready to go up against Orochimaru again and bring him back to the village. However, Orochimaru has teamed up with a  shadowy organization known as Akatsuki. The Akatsuki want to get their hands on the Nine-Tailed Beasts—including the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon inside of Naruto—so that they can harness their power to rule humanity. At this point the story shifts from trying to stop Orochimaru to a never-ending battle between Narutu and Team 7 to defend the people who have the nine-tailed beasts in them and keep the Akatsuki from carrying out their fiendish plots.