What “Mythbusters” episodes would you dub the choicest up to this point? Most of the shows are considerably wicked, but some “Mythbusters” moments really stuck out over the course of the series. Here are the episodes we feel rank up near the top.

  1. Adam used Flaming Fart! It’s not very effective. This is one of a few “Mythbusters” episodes that are just awesome, period. This episode involved busting the myth of whether or not flatus could be ignited. Armed with a lighter, Adam unleashed some trouser coughs straight into an open flame. While the results weren’t mind-blowing, it was substantiated that, yes, farts can be set on fire.  

  2. Breakout. The pen touted as the inescapable prison was put to the test when Jamie and Adam built a raft out of raincoats and tried to float their way across the San Francisco Bay. This was based off a tale of a few guys who used the same method back in the 1960s. While it was deduced these daring escape artists had drowned, their nutty plan was said to be plausible by the Mythbusters.  

  3. The metal dirigible. Ever hear the expression “That’ll go over like a lead balloon?” It’s acknowledged that a metal balloon cannot fly, so this idiom refers to something that is an utter failure. Of course, the Mythbusters accept the challenge and assemble a balloon out of lead foil. The outcome was astonishing: Even without pure helium within the confines of the balloon, it was able to float and support a basket weighing several pounds.  

  4. NASA moonwalk. Yes, the government had nothing better to do than stage a moon voyage, so says many conspiracy theorists. Here the Mythbusters replicated the moon landing to see if the whole thing was a charade or not. Guess what? They were able to re-create everything and rationalize all the treachery fairy stories away.  

  5. Icy toes. If you get cold feet, it means you’re terrified out of your mind. The Mythbusters decided to see if your feet can literally lose warmth under stressful conditions; each of Mythbusters were subjected to situations where they’d be distressed and each of them recorded a small drop in foot temperature. While the proof was not worthy of debunking, it was deemed a plausible conclusion.  

  6. Big Bang. Of all the “Mythbusters” episodes with explosions, this one had to be the one with the largest kaboom. Jamie and Adam were trying to extricate a slab of concrete from a cement mixer using dynamite. This proved to be a total flop, so just for fun, the Mythbusters blew up the truck with 850 pounds of explosives. They had to stand a mile away from the blast and there was little left of the truck besides some tiny pieces and a few bits of concrete.  

  7. Jump for joy. This episode dealt with the possibility of living in a collapsing elevator if you jump about a millisecond before impact. This was proven to be BS and it was advised that, should you ever find yourself in the same situation, you should lay on the floor of the elevator instead.  

  8. Hot toes. Is not screaming in agony while treading hot coals a mind-over-matter issue? Nope. They’re hot, alright, but the ash the produce forms a coating around the coals to trap heat. If you walk quickly enough, you won’t feel anything. Myth busted!  

  9. Toss a few back. Well, maybe forward. One show featured a story about how illegal immigrants could be launched over the border with a giant slingshot. Not only was it proven that making and disassembling such a thing clandestinely would be unfeasible, but anyone thrown by such a thing would most likely die on impact.  

  10. Radar racing. Boy, the creative ways people concoct to try and elude the almighty speed radar of the police. A dozen different methods were tested to try and jam the radar and every single one of them was a failure. Sorry, rebels, you can take the Mythbusters’ advice: No tricks will outfox an officer’s radar gun.