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I Dare You Last Longer Than 45 Seconds Into This Hardcore Song About ‘Star Trek’
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Reminiscent of the smooth sounds of a cat being strangled.

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It's no secret that Screen Junkies loves Michael Bay, and to celebrate the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we're calling this week BAYWATCH.  Every day for the next five days, there will be a new feature dedicated to Michael Bay, the man, the myth, the pyromaniac. Kicking off the week is a look back at Bay's earlier work. Before the Boom (and Bad Boys)… there was the music.  Michael Bay made his reputation on making music artists look really frickin' cool based on the aesthetic standards of the day.  Bay's work was dramatic.  It was gorgeous.  And it single-handedly supported Hollywood's "lens mist filter" and silk drapery industries for years.Here are our favorites, in chronological order. Richard Marx's "Angelia" (1989)

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