Five Age-Appropriate Pitches for the Plot of ‘Rambo 5′
Saturday, January 3 by

Three words: Rambo. And. Cash.

If Weekly World News Went Hollywood
Wednesday, October 14 by

Just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that super-agency CAA had signed Weekly World News to its impressive roster of clients. The theory was that the now-defunct fake tabloid publication has a bevy of untapped properties, of which poster boy "Bat Boy" is just one… and that its characters could "give Marvel a run for its money." That remains to be seen.  But will Hollywood greet Weekly World News's freak show with a hearty handshake (artist's rendering above)? Or will WWN be booted out of Tinseltown's glitzy gates faster than you can say "We're stripping Bat Boy of his co-EP credit…"? So, WWN, we're going to do you a favor. Here are our suggestions for spinning the raw materials you already have into box office GOLD! 

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