Happy Mother's Day
21 Hottest TV and Movie MILFs Of All Time
Friday, May 6 by

It’s Mother’s Day again, the one day out of the year when you stop and say thank you to the woman who had sex with a stranger on a pool…

Thursday, May 7 by

It's Mother's Day on sunday, and Screenjunkies is saluting the top ten movie moms from whom we wouldn't mind receiving a spanking.  Deciding this was difficult.  We pored over days' worth of DVDs…  held focus groups in top secret testing facilities underneath Beverly Hills… and even phoned our Dads to get their opinions.  What resulted is this list – a virtual who's who of cinematic MILFage from the past twenty years.  You may not agree with them as your personal ten, but you can't deny that if any of them were your mother… then you probably have/had a lot of friends ask to spend the night at your place in high school.Send in the MOMS!!! HALLE BERRY as Leticia Musgrove in Monster's Ball

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