5 Funny Mother’s Day Video Greetings
Friday, May 7 by

This Sunday, May 9th, it's Mother's Day, a holiday that celebrates all the gloriousness that is “Mom.”  It’s a day to show love and appreciation for the woman who raised you.  But what if she didn’t do all that great of a job?  Well, you're in luck, son!  Screenjunkies has designed some very special greeting cards for the parentally challenged Mommy Dearests out there, and they can all be yours, right now.  Send one with adoration, or send one with contempt, just as long as you send one.  It’s really the thought that counts.  Click on the TITLE of each video to take you to that card's individual page.  Then forward the URL to Mom or Grandma!  Or just send her the whole batch!  

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