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These Fine Gentlemen Bring Us ‘Mortal Kombat’ Fatalities In Real Life
Thursday, August 27 by


The 7 Best Movies About Monks
Monday, February 25 by Lee Keeler

These righteous dudes have skills that are as instrumental as they are deadly! Only trolls with purest souls can dig these seven Best Movies About Monks! “The 36th Chamber of…

‘Bloodsport’ Gets The ‘Mortal Kombat’ Remix
Thursday, September 27 by

Flawless Video.

This is great, but what about Zelda?
In Honor Of ‘Mortal Kombat': 7 Video Games That Deserve A Movie Adaption
Friday, September 30 by

Honorable mention to ‘Dig Dug’.

Jeri Ryan
Thursday, April 21 by

“Star Trek: Voyager” alum Jeri Ryan is once again at the center of fanboy attention.

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Uwe Boll Surprisingly Not Involved In ‘Mortal Kombat’ Web Series
Monday, January 17 by

The Mortal Kombat spec short that appeared online, seemingly out of nowhere, is laying the ground work for a 10-episode web series.

Star Michael Jai White Talks Weird ‘Mortal Kombat’ Video Thing
Friday, June 11 by

Just the other day, that weird Mortal Kombat thing arrived online. It sparked immediate debate whether it was for the upcoming video game or the film. We know now that the gritty video was shot by director Kevin Tanchareon as a pitch to get himself hired for the upcoming job. Michael Jai White was one of many actors working for free to appear as Jax. He tells Asylum that the vibe on set was "one of camaraderie." He's got a lot of ideas about what he can bring to the role of Jax:"Our natural take on it is to make it gritty and dark. Jax is still a hell of a fighter. He's still a super-badass, but he's just restrained by the letter of the law. We played with some ideas of building that up between him and Scorpion. There would be some great fights with Jax. There's so much I haven't had the chance to do. I've probably shown one-eighth of my martial arts ability on screen. With Jax having his metal arms, I'd use a lot of Wing Chun because it relies heavily on the arms."I really don't feel we need a "serious" take on Mortal Kombat. While Dark Knight was a meditation on the weight vengeance bears on the soul, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is likely to be a meditation on punching someone's skull through their rectum.

New Cool ‘Mortal Kombat’ Trailer Thing Is On The Internet
Tuesday, June 8 by

Much like a transient hobo, a mysterious video appeared online today and wagged it's weiner at all of us leaving us bemused. We're not really sure if this has anything to do with Warner Bros. planned Mortal Kombat reboot or the next game in the series. What we do know is that someone dragged the Mortal Kombat mythos through the Saw garden and brought Black Dynamite and Seven of Nine along for the ride. Still, it's interesting to see a grittier, more realistic take on the source material. Or as realistic as a movie featuring a brain-eating reptile man, a knife-armed plastic surgeon, and a washed-up action star turned cop can be. Hey, Steven Seagal did it. Wagged his weiner at people, I mean. Whatever, at least ninjas aren't raining from the sky. (Kotaku) Check it out after the jump and be the judge. Ridiculous movie or expensive videogame?

‘Mortal Kombat’ Remake Koming Soon to Skreens
Tuesday, January 26 by

After acquiring the rights to Mortal Kombat this past summer, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with a new film version of the once popular video game. The game tells the story of an ultra-violent fighting tournament, the outcome of which decides Earth's fate. 2009 blacklist screenwriter Oren Uziel is in talks to flush away his new-found credibility by penning the script.  Not to be a cynic but this seems like a tough one to inject with any real character or emotion. Let's not forget that this is a series built upon ninjas raining from the sky, punching monsters in the nads, pulling out spines, and cybernetic arms. All qualities that make for a great Japanese film, but over here they just lack nuance. (Bloody Disgusting)

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