10 Celebs Who Will Be Snubbed By The Oscar Death Montage
Friday, February 24 by

Gone and forgotten…

Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever
Monday, January 31 by

The finest sports figures from film and television offer up words of encouragement to get you back out on that field in fighting form.

Links Away: Kevin Smith And Sh*t
Tuesday, January 25 by

Take a look at this montage from one of Smith’s comedy specials and see if you can count the number of sh*ts he unleashed on the crowd.

FMJ Slap
Watch 7 Minutes Of People Getting Slapped In The Face
Tuesday, January 25 by

There’s a grand cinematic tradition of people getting slapped in the face.

Picture 2
Links Away: People In Movies Are Super Polite
Tuesday, January 18 by

Maybe I hang out with the wrong people, but in my experience no one ever says “now if you’ll excuse me” before whisking off to do something important.

100 More Greatest Movie Insults
Thursday, January 6 by

I know how much you kids love supercuts and cursing. Here’s another ten minutes of characters in movies letting off some cleverly-worded steam.

The Year In Viral Videos
Thursday, December 23 by

If you’ve been thinking that you got stupider this year, Video Gum put together a terrific retrospective as to why.

Women In Labor Supercut
Monday, December 20 by

Since many are celebrating a certain biblical someone’s birthday at the end of week, we thought it a perfect opportunity to exploit the joy, pain, and hilarity of childbirth.

‘We’re Not In Kansas Anymore’ Supercut
Thursday, December 16 by

I never realized how often characters in movies survey their surroundings and then proclaim, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Good God, can we stop using that reference now? Wizard of Oz came out like two-hundred years ago (right?).

Prepare Brains For 270 Movies In 6 Minutes
Tuesday, December 14 by

What is it about a supercut that makes everything so much more awesome?

Watch Every Bloody ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Death
Monday, December 13 by

Screw plot, gimme zombie executions!

Links Away: People Going Through Windows Mash-Up
Tuesday, November 9 by

A montage of people meeting glass entitled Defenestration the Movie. If one thing came out of it, it’s that I learned “defenestration” is the act of someone going through a window. Kind of bummed they missed the opening scene from Wanted.

Watching Movies In the Movies Montage
Wednesday, October 6 by

Moviefone put together this montage of people in movies watching movies. If it's not too meta for you I suggest you check it out. Next up, people in movies watching movies of people watching movies. Did I just give you a nose bleed?
Go to these links and click the links inside of them.
Student Loses Scholarship After Starring in Porn (Asylum)
10 Deadliest Hurricans EVER! (Ranker)
Penthouse Letters That Didn't Make the Cut (HolyTaco)
How to Make Out with Katherine Heigl (FilmDrunk)
Hottest Animal Lovers (Maxim)
Men's Package Enhancing Underwear (BarStoolSports)
Most Hypnotizing Workout Video Ever (EgoTV)
6 Most Detestabe People In Hollywood (Pajiba)
10 Most Classic Atari Games of All Time (Unreality)
Drunk Man Stumbles Into Rodeo Ring (TotalProSports)
22 Types of Muffin Tops (Smosh)
15 Ways Girls Try to Look Hotter on Facebook (BroBible)
Ashley Greene's Workout Butt (CelebJihad)
Thanks to the Munchies Nick Diaz is Broke (CagePotato)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Brother Died (PopEater)
Winning Over Her Friends (MadeMan)

The Art of David Fincher Montage
Monday, October 4 by

JoBlo put together an awesome montage of all of director David Fincher's work, and DAMN is that man talented. I've always greatly admired his ability to utilize his unique visuals while still telling an emotionally rich story. Se7en is one of my favorite movies of all time, and that film completely lacks any fancy camera tricks. Sometimes Fincher goes a tad wild with the CG shots (did we really need to push into the keyhole in Panic Room?), but he always entertains. You leave a Fincher film feeling like you just saw an honest to goodness film. It doesn't even matter how many exhausted actors he forced through 70+ takes to get the shots right. 
Treat your eyes to the montage below.

Every ’30 Rock’ Liz Lemon Flashback
Friday, October 1 by

Vulture put together this cool montage of all the Liz Lemon flashback moments from "30 Rock." It's not until you see them all lined up that you realize how big of a loser she was during childhood. And why it's really dumbfounding that she's not a lesbian.

Greatest Drunks In Sci-Fi Montage
Friday, September 17 by

In honor of Oktoberfest starting up this weekend, i09 put together this montage of their favorite drunks from sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies and television. The "Star Trek" ones are my favorite. They play wasted like they're performing in a vaudvillian traveling show. The only element missing is a hiccup fit.
Check out the video after the jump…

40 Speeches In 2 Minutes Mash-Up
Friday, September 10 by

40 Movie Speeches In 2 Minutes Mash-Up – Watch more Funny Videos

Everything Chris Klein Says in ‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li’
Thursday, September 9 by

Everything Chris Klein Says in "The Legend of Chun Li" from Jeff Rubin on Vimeo.
In all fairness, this IS more entertaining than the movie. In all fairness. (VideoGum)
These links walk through the raindrops.
The Manliest Manly Performances In Football History (ModernMan)
Fall's Worst New Shows (TVSquad)
Burlesque Show Aims To Settle The 'Star Wars' Vs. 'Star Trek' Battle  (Asylum)
Top 9 Worst Employee's In Video Game History (Ranker)
Melting Eastern Europe Ice: Alina Kravchenko Pictures (HolyTaco)
Frotcast 13: Machete, Fake Buscemi (FilmDrunk)
Decoding Her Signals (Maxim)
Graffiti Artists Forced To Dance On Camera In Front Of Cops (BarStoolSports)
A Gallery Tribute To National Lampoon Magazine (EgoTV)
F*cking With People: The Movie! (Pajiba)
Mmmm… Delicious Marketing (Unreality)
World's First Wheelchair Double Backflip (TotalProSports)
The 17 Nerdiest Dogs Ever(Smosh)
The 14 Sexiest 3D Magazine Pictorials (BroBible)
Mila Kunis In Black Lake Pics (CelebJihad)
Hot Potato: Sarah McDowd (CagePotato)
Lady Gaga Stole My Daughter's Soul (PopEater)
Best Girls To Lose Your V-Card To (MadeMan)

Classic Movie Farts Montage
Monday, September 6 by

The class-acts over at FilmDrunk were kind enough to put together this montage of 20 classic movie farts, and boy is it a gas (keep your damn rimshot!). They're also quick to point out that three of the films are Academy Award winners. Note to future filmmakers: More poopy jokes!
Check out the toots after the jump…

Sweet ‘Dancing in the Movies’ Montage
Tuesday, August 31 by

Here's a little pick-me-up for your Tuesday afternoon. It's a montage of dance scenes from almost 40 films set to Kenny Loggins's "Footloose." If this video doesn't make you tap your feet under your desk than your depression is far more advanced than any of us realized. Go do some pelvic thrusts and I promise you'll be right as rain.
Get ready to cut loose after the jump…

F*ck You Movie Montage
Tuesday, August 24 by
‘I Could Tell You But I’d Have to Kill You’ Montage
Wednesday, August 18 by

Here's another movie montage for the masses. "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you" is one of those overused lines from cinema and television that for some reason never gets old. Use it on your next outing to a bar. It's a fabulous ice breaker and always gets the ladies to crack a smile. They'll be pleased you have a sense of humor, and will be holding out hope that you you're a spy. They'll know by morning that you're not.
You could watch the montage after the jump, but then I'd have to kill you.

Quality Cafe Mash-Up
Monday, August 9 by

Maybe you've noticed it before, maybe you haven't, but the Quality Cafe in downtown Los Angeles is one of the most popular eateries in movies. I brought this fact to the attention of our talented editor Matthew Freund and he put together an awesome mash-up of the most memorable scenes. Unfortunately the diner is only used for film shoots, but Morgan Freeman appears to be a regular. I hear he likes his eggs over easy.
Check out the Quality Cafe Mash-Up below.

They Like to Drink on ‘Mad Men’
Friday, July 30 by

If you've ever watched an episode of "Mad Men" you're probably aware that the characters like to throw a few dozen back. Doesn't matter what time of day it is or what's in the glass. Scotch, whisky, moonshine, turpentine, they've downed it all. Here's a montage that mixes all of those moments together in one delicious serving. (WarmingGlow)

35 Movies in 2 Minimalist Minutes
Tuesday, July 20 by

Artists Felix Meyer and Pascal Monaco took 35 movies and put them together in a minimalist fashion to create a cool "2 minute journey through the history of film." Can you figure out all the movies, 'cause I sure as hell can't. I recognized Terminator, Psycho, and a few others, but the film about eggs stumped me.
Check out the montage after the jump and leave your answers in the comments section…

Men Crying in Movies Montage
Friday, July 9 by

First we were graced with the man smacks montage, and now we have men crying. I'm uncertain about all these displays of emotion from the male gender. I was always told to keep that stuff way down deep inside of you until one day you can't take it anymore and you buy a Porsche. (Vulture)

Man Smacks Montage
Thursday, July 1 by

A montage of male characters from movies and TV smacking each other on the back to communicate affection. I'll always remember the episode of "Dr. Katz" where Lew Schneider says, "Men hug, but they pat too — "I'm hugging you, but I'm hitting you!" So true. So true. (Vulture)Show these links some violent affection.Back From The Dead: Shows We Want Revived (TVSquad) Suicide Girls Test The iPhone 4 (Asylum) Vanity Fair Publishes Dennis Hopper's Final Interview (PopEater) 'Little Obama' Is Indoesinan Karate Kid (FilmDrunk) Larissa Riquelme Pictures (HolyTaco) 20 Reasons Why 'The A-Team' Sucked (Unreality) 12 Best Beaches In America To Find Hot Chicks This Summer (BroBible) Best Bowling Trick-Shot Ever? (TotalProSports) Girls Who Love 4th Of July Food(Maxim) Oh To Be A MMA Ringer For BJ Penn (CagePotato) Justin Biber Denies 'Nazi Hermaphrodite' Rumors (CelebJihad) 10 Really Cute Girl Celebs That Are Still Virgins (Smosh) 12 Terrible Actors Who Make Fantastic Movie Villains (Pajiba) Rough Patch With SNL's Abby Elliot (Atom) Your Favorite Booze Under A Microscope (MadeMan) Hot Twitter Slut Loves Herself (RegretfulMorning)

100 Greatest Movie Insults
Wednesday, June 30 by

A man named Harry Hanrahan, formerly know as hh, put this little diddy together for the folks at Pajiba. It's quite an impressive montage of words you shouldn't yell at your mother. Your father's a different story.Here are your lily-livered links.Starz Cancels 'Party Down', 'Gravity' (TVSquad) What's Inside A Box Of Coca Puffs (Asylum) Don't Laugh– Ryan Seacrest Is Larry King's Best Replacement (PopEater) People Really Hate 'The Last Airbender' (FilmDrunk) Shut The F-Up, Says Your Grandma (HolyTaco) A Video Tribute To Danny 'Machete' Trejo (Unreality) 16 Things You Didn't Know About Hgh Hefner (BroBible) Trampoline Causes Gruesome Ankle Break (TotalProSports) Hottest Movie Monster Lovers (Maxim) M-1 Global's Russian Ring Girls (CagePotato) Emma Watson Gets A Badass Tattoo (CelebJihad) Twilight: A Guy's Survival Guide (Smosh) Best Cinematography Of The Last Decade (Pajiba) Footloose Remake Premieres This Thursday In LA (Atom) New Orleans Running Of The Bulls (MadeMan)

Pure: Full Throttle Action Movie Montage
Monday, June 7 by

This action movie montage by director/editor Jacob Bricca pretty much sums up what we love at Screen Junkies. Granted, it could have more gratuitous nudity in it, but the riotous 4 minutes of in your face action puts your body in fight or flight mode so you completely forget about sex and you only care about SURVIVAL!!! I don't want to ruin the video by explaining the explosions and punches with my words. Just watch it and get jacked up this Monday morning. It's like a coffee enema for your eyeballs. Or something. Strap in and check out the montage below.

Movie Archery Montage
Tuesday, May 18 by

Our friends at EgoTV put together this mashup of famous archery scenes from movies set to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." I personally would have chosen Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," but then again I'm a hack. These links are a bullz-eye! **rimshot. fart.** 'Pirates 4' to Be Shot in 3D (Moviefone) Meet the Beer Experts (Asylum) Conan O'Brien Lists His Five Favorite YouTube Videos (PopEater) How Delonte West Hooked Up With Lebron's Mom (HolyTaco) First Script Scene of Facebook movie 'The Social Network' (BroBible) Getting Old Sucks (FilmDrunk) 10 Best SNL Digital Shorts (Unreality) Miss Massachusetts Pics (TotalProSports) Pretty Girls and Their Playthings (Maxim) Meet Jan Finney, Cris Cyborg's Next Victim (CagePotato) Joe Jonas Lied About Serving In Vietnam (CelebJihad) 10 Best Kids' Drawings Ever (Smosh) 5 Most Popular Celebs You've Never Heard Of (Pajiba) M'larky Trailer (Atom) 13 Facts about Weed (MadeMan) Tony Stewart Jumps from a Plane (AllLeftTurns)

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