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Weinstein Bros. And Miramax, Nearing The Bottom Of The Barrel, Decide To Remake ‘She’s All That’
Wednesday, April 8 by

I hope it’s a shot for shot remake like Van Sant’s ‘Psycho’.

This is pretty exciting news.
‘Rounders 2′ Is Actually Quite Far Along, Will Start Filming Soon
Monday, December 16 by

Sadly, no Teddy KGB. Which means lost product placement money from Nabisco.

Some television costume designer just blew their wad.
‘Gangs Of New York’ Might Become A TV Show
Friday, March 29 by

No shortage of characters.

Weinsteins’ Miramax Deal Falls Apart
Wednesday, May 26 by

Bob and Harvey Weinstein relax after attending Sunday morning mass.A $600 million deal between Disney and the Weinstein brothers has fallen through, leaving the fate of Miramax up in the air. While an agreement between the two parties was once considered inevitable, The Wrap reports that "legal minutiae and details of the library split caused the talks to drag on and ultimately fizzle."Bob and Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax in 1979, but sold it to Disney in 1993. Now that the deal has fallen through, insiders speculate that the brothers have grown tired of the Hollywood racket and are leaving show business to pursue a simpler life. Rumors are swirling that the pair have set their sites on acquiring Bagel Nosh, a New York style breakfast spot and deli in Santa Monica, CA. Lox of luck, boys! (First Showing)

Today in Death: Miramax and J.D. Salinger
Thursday, January 28 by

Somewhere Kevin Smith smokes wistfully.After 31 years of bringing groundbreaking, original films and the Scary Movies to a national audience, independent film studio Miramax will shutter its doors. The New York and LA offices will close today and 80 staff members will be dismissed.In other news, J.D. Salinger passed away today at the age of 91.File photoThe famous author and recluse would have taken particular joy in seeing a movie studio closed. It's a shame he didn't hang on a little bit longer to enjoy this moment. Though I guess it's for the best. The smile frozen on his corpse would really freak out all the little ones at his wake. (The Wrap)

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