Goofy went section 8.
Watch Mickey Mouse Go To Vietnam In This Classic, Bizarre, And Distasteful Clip
Friday, June 14 by

Who thought this was a good idea?

Disney Character Names
Monday, August 15 by Tracy Schooler

Walt and Roy Disney created the Disne Brothers Cartoon Studio on October 16, 1923 no knowing that people worldwide would one day be so familiar with many of the Disney…

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episodes
Wednesday, August 3 by Rooster Cogburn

The renowned characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto made history over the past half decade by appearing together in episodes of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," the first computer animated…

10 Best Disney Voice Actors
Friday, July 22 by Thomas West

The Walt Disney Company has developed quite a reputation for producing some of the best animated family films ever made, and none of these would be possible without the 10…

Disney Developing Movie For Their Mouse Logo Guy
Thursday, March 24 by

I’m sure Mickey’s been asking executives at Disney, in a high-pitched voice for 83 years, “who do I have to bl*w around here to star in a feature?”

Thursday, May 21 by

Bad news for Fringe fans, it seems that J.J. Abrams and Co. have dicked over Kirk Acevedo, the actor who plays Charlie on the series. Or I should say played Charlie on the series. io9 reports that he has been released from the series in order to make room for a brash, new female agent. It's a shame because Acevedo is a very talented and interesting performer who was consistently under-utilized on the sci-fi serial. He notified the world of his dismissal via his Facebook page.I, on the other hand, recently used Facebook to put forth this existential quandary, "Chinese food or go to gym????"Get all up in these morning headlines…Fanboys 2 to shoot next year, be released in 2017. (Cinema Blend) Somebody won American Idol. (TV Squad)5 Reasons Why the Terminator Franchise Doesn't Make No Sense. (Cracked)Will Spiderman 4 include Kirsten Dunst? (Latino Review)Voice of Mickey Mouse passes away. High-Pitch Eric waiting by the phone. (Reuters)

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