‘Hell And Back’ Trailer Reveals That Hell Is Not A Fun Place
Thursday, August 20 by

This couldn’t have been easy to market.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.48.59 AM
A Super-Serious ‘CHIPS’ Movie Was Greenlit Last Week
Friday, July 3 by

This one sorta flew under everyone’s radar for a while.

Jake Gyllenhaal Does His Best Rosie Perez In ‘End Of Watch’ Trailer
Wednesday, August 22 by

Little bit racist there, Jake.

Michael Peña Has Been Inducted Into ‘The Gangster Squad’
Tuesday, June 7 by

The “Hey, That Guy!” is quickly making a name for himself.

Gaze Upon Jake Gyllenhaal’s Gleaming Dome In ‘End Of Watch’ Set Photos
Saturday, April 23 by

Shield your eyes!

Casting Round-Up: The Manson Family, An Unnecessary Sequel, And More
Tuesday, April 19 by

Get along, little doggies.

Nick Swardson and Michael Pena Join ’30 Minutes Or Less’
Thursday, May 13 by

People grieve in different ways.Michael Pena and fart detective Nick Swardson are in talks to join Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari in 30 Minutes or Less. Swardson will play the best friend to McBride's rigged-to-explode pizza guy cum (titter (hee hee!)) bank robber. Pena, who we'll see opposite McBride in season two of Eastbound and Down, is in talks to play a tattooed assassin. It's a good thing that the roles aren't reversed. I can't imagine Swardson as a tattooed assassin. Mostly because I can't take an assassin with a tramp stamp seriously. I don't know. He just seems like the type. (THR)

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