‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ Teaser
Thursday, March 25 by

The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World teaser is finally here, and it is marvelous, my darlings. Edgar Wright's kinetic style is abundently clear throughout every frame, split-screen, and smash cut. My only grievance is that Michael Cera can't seem to stop playing Michael Cera. He kicks serious ass in this film, but in between the comic strip infused action sequences Michael still shyly tries to grasp the concepts that Mary Elizabeth Winstead lays out for him. I'll be rooting for him all the same because God knows Chris Evans needs to be taken down a peg after securing Captain America, but I hope he erases the elipsies from his speech pattern by the end of the film, a.k.a. grows some balls. Check out the teaser below. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World SMASH! into theaters August 13, 2010.

‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ Teaser Poster Rips Into Unnecessary Bass Solo
Wednesday, March 17 by

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World follows Michael Cera as he battles the seven evil ex-boyfriends to win the girl of his dreams. That's a weird approach to romance. "Oh hey. I beat the crap out of all your exes. You're mine now." [honks boob]Anyway, the teaser poster premiered at ShoWest and it depicts Michael Cera hunched over a bass guitar like a homeless person hunched over their own crippling hunger. Either that or he's just been kicked in the nuts. Hmmm, Michael Cera Kicked in the Nuts. After sitting through Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Paper Heart, that's a movie I'd pay to see. (ComingSoon)

First Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Pic Has Breakdancing and Lightsabers
Thursday, January 7 by

As you can see, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World takes place on the set of America Gladiators. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jason Schwartzman stand stoically as judges in the far background, while a dude breakdances in the middle ground. I'm just not sure if they're judging the dancing or Michael Cera's lightsaber skills. Maybe the guy taking a dump near the edge of frame knows. Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is about a Michael Cera type character played by Michael Cera who has to fight the seven evil ex-boyfriends of the girl of his dreams. That's a lot of effort to bag some tail. She better be really bendy. (via /Film)

‘Youth In Revolt’ Trailer, Now with Dirty Language
Tuesday, December 8 by

Youth In Revolt Red Band Trailer – watch more funny videos Here's the new red band trailer for Youth In Revolt, starring Michael Cera and evil Michael Cera. I gotta say, I wasn't interested in this movie after seeing the original squeaky-clean trailer, but the dirty stuff in this one brings a slight smile to my face. Cera's showing some range and some balls playing evil Cera, and you just KNOW something hilarious is going to come from him eating an entire bag of shrooms. I'm not saying that these links are better on shrooms. A Comprehensive List of Tiger's Mistresses (HolyTaco) Million Dollar Car Wrecked in Accident. Doh! (TotalProSports) Animals Boozin' it Up (TheChive) Lana Wachowski is Lookin' Great (FilmDrunk) Hamster Jazz Band (SuperTremendous) 10 Best Horror Movies of the Aughts (Pajiba) Celebrity Sex Faces (CelebJihad) 12 Best Arrested Development Jokes You Never Got (Unreality) Whic Porn Star Would You Like to Date? (Asylum) The Lego Tiger Woods Accident Reenactment (BustedCoverage) Hot Girl Fails at Stair Surfing (RegretfulMorning) 10 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Recipes (MadeMan) Patrick to Drive No. 7 Car for Jr. Motorsports (AllLeftTurns)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
Tuesday, May 19 by

Director: Edgar Wright Cast: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Brie Larson, Synopsis: Scott Pilgrim has to defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle.  Based on the Bryan Lee O'Malley graphic novels. Genre: Action/Comedy Release Date: 2010

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