Mexican war movies are products of historical experiences recalled from those who lived it and fictionalizes controversial seasons, in which no peaceful agreement is possible. Dramatic and graphic at  times, these films aggressively fight against the colonialist agenda and definitely demonstrates some Mexican national pride.

  1. "La Guerra Santa" (1979) or "The Holy War" stands as a Mexican war movie depicting the Cristero War of 1926 and the following revolution against the Mexican government. This Mexican holy war evokes not only religious warfare, but also political strife in which political power play and laws are involved. At the time, Catholic clergymen were forced to submit to anti-religious laws which severely limited the powers of the Church in Mexico, detrimental especially when Catholicism is the religion of the majority. 

  2. "Cristiada" (2011) is an about to be released Mexican war movie which goes deep into the Cristeros War which took place between 1926 and 1929. This war became an all-out attack against Mexican Catholics, ignited because of the government's decision to get rid of Church authority. 

  3.  "Mexicanos al grito de la guerra" (1943) or "Mexicans at war cry" is another Mexican war movie representing the militant experience of a young soldie fighting on behalf of Mexico against the encroaching French soldiers. Reminiscent of the title of Mexico's national anthem, this nationalistic movie inspires patriotism and at the same time questions allegiance to country versus faithfulness in love. 

  4. "La Longitud de Guerra" (1976) or "The Breadth of War" explains a Mexican war against the Chitecos, a small tribe. A movie which lays out the causes and effects of colonialism, the spectator would enter into the feelings and convictions of a people who refuses to subject themselves to invasion. 

  5. "La Cucaracha" or "Soldiers of Pancho Villa" (1959) is a Mexican war movie detailing the internal and external wars during the Mexican Revolution and the equally intense fight for a man by two women, committed Mexican patriots. 

  6. "La Otra Conquista" (2007) or "The Other Conquest" is a bellicose Mexican movie describing the historic conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards and the subsequent conflict between and the oppression of the Aztec people during the 1500s. The film also examines the merger of the Catholic faith and the Aztec religion. Placido Domingo was executive producer for this film. 

  7. "Voces Inocentes" (2004) or "Innocent Voices" is an embattled Mexican war film  which portrays child-recruited soldiers and their fates as both victims and victimizers. This story tells the life of the devices of the army and revolutionary guerrillas in San Salvador to compel young children to fight for causes they do not understand. 

-Annmicha Blugh