These Mexican movie posters are all phenomenal promotional works of all you'll appreciate for decorating or collecting. These each have amazing designs you'll definitely appreciate as they all have great artistic styles. You'll definitely love these great posters for any purpose.

  1. "Dos Galacas y Una Gitana" This Mexcian movie poster captures a classic Mexican style with bright colors and simplistic designs. The bright red and blue colors make a great contrast with the morbid black. The unique skeletal figures make this poster unique and fun for any decorative need.

  2. "Las Fuerzas Vivas" This great Mexican movie poster has a classic Mexican sombrero coupled with a awesome silhouetted figure. It's a fusion of modern and traditional Latino poster design, making it an attractive addition to any room. It has a great rainbow of of bright colors that make the poster uniquely attractive.

  3. "Espuelas de Oro" With earth-toned colors and a mural-inspired painting style, this is a great choice among Mexican movie posters. Dressed in traditional clothes, a figure stands posing guns at the viewers. It's an edgy image that won't disappoint you.

  4. "El Maricachi Desconocido" This poster is phenomenal with a traditional Latino painting technique. This great Mexican movie poster will help spark the energy of any room with its vibrant colors. The celebratory fiesta energy of this painting makes it a poster you'll enjoy displaying.

  5. "Huracan Ramirez" This poster has a heroic energy that you'll find can make your home unique. A powerful figure in bright blues and reds is impressively displayed. The imagery is an example of classic Mexican style that you will be glad to see displayed on your walls.

-Jessica Fletcher