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Now that it’s 2013, we need to face that Breaking Bad will soon return for it’s final episodes. Theories abound about the never predictable show but they’re just theories. With several questions still open, there’s no way to know how Vince Gilligan plans to wrap everything up. Unless you just ask him.

Gilligan doesn’t reveal spoilers about the drama’s final scenes but he does speak to what his goals are.

“It’s going to be polarizing no matter how you slice it,” Gilligan told Vulture, “but you don’t want 10 percent to say it was great and 90 percent to say it sucked ass. You want those numbers to be reversed.” According to Gilligan, he’s looking for something less Scarface and more along the lines of Casablanca.

“No one gets everything they wanted. The guy doesn’t get the girl, but he has the satisfaction of knowing she wants him. And he doesn’t get her because he has to save the free world. What better ending is there than that? I’m not saying we’re going to approach that or reach in that direction. Our story doesn’t line up [with Casablanca]. But we’re looking for that kind of satisfaction.”

So there’s still a chance for a shoot-out with neo-Nazis. Cool.

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Bryan Cranston Knows How To Cook Meth IRL Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:01:48 +0000 Wookie Johnson Sounds like good sh*t too.

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If this acting thing doesn’t work out, Bryan Cranston has a fall back. The Breaking Bad star revealed on The Howard Stern Show yesterday that while preparing for the role, he was taught how to make high quality meth. Taught by the DEA.

“We were taught how to make meth (by) DEA chemists who were our consultants on the show. We didn’t cook it, but we were told exactly the process at that high level.”

Cranston remained mum as to whether or not he actually tried it in his spare time.

“Maybe. I can’t tell you one way or the other. It’s extremely difficult. There are so many volatile components to it that at any given time, you could literally blow up. So you had to be very careful and very specific to follow this. Most of the cooks are also meth heads themselves. That’s why they get themselves in trouble and you see burn marks, or their hands are missing.”

So don’t get any ideas, Frankie Muniz. (Today)

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Police Discover Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Meth Lab In Massachusetts Mon, 05 Dec 2011 20:17:19 +0000 Penn Collins If she goes by "Hindenberg," that would just be freaky.

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She’s probably no Walter White, but 74 year-old college professor Irina Kristy has been nabbed for meth production in a familiar Breaking Bad-vein, allegedly getting into business with her 29 year-old son. The pair are charged with “distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug law, and drug violation in a school zone.”

That last one is because their lab is 500 feet from an elementary school… and the Somerville City Hall. Almost hard to believe that they got caught.

Predictably, Kristy is on leave from Suffolk University while this gets sorted out. Unpredictably, she’s not on leave from Boston University, presumably because they consider meth labs near elementary schools a personal matter that they have no right to get involved in.

One large distinction between the show and this story is that Kristy is a professor in math, not chemistry, so I’m guessing that her product is shitty. But I won’t be able to really speak to that until I try it.

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4 ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters We Want To Die And 4 We Want To Live Mon, 10 Oct 2011 02:24:44 +0000 Penn Collins Maybe they'll all die. That'd be kind of neat!

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If you aren’t current on ‘Breaking Bad‘, you might want to wait until you are before reading this. Also, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? THIS SHOW IS AMAZING.

As season 4 of Breaking Bad races to a close, we are left with a feeling that there will be a fair amount of blood shed not only in Sunday’s season finale, but in the subsequent 16 episodes, which are to be split over two truncated seasons.

With the expectation of death and mayhem right around the corner, it’s hard to know who to throw your weight behind in this free-for-all. In a show this gray, there are no audience favorites, as allegiances change as quickly as the characters themselves do. So, rather than track the evolution of these characters to see where and how they end up (if they make it through the next episode), let’s take a look at where they all stand right now to figure out who we want to live and who we want to die. Let’s get going. We don’t have much time before Sunday’s finale

Who We Want To Live…

4. Saul

Saul’s been a very nice spice used throughout the show, a very unexpected voice of reason and advice to both Jesse and Walt. Remarkably in his line of work, he hasn’t screwed any of them over and has stayed true to his word when no one else has. Despite having teetered on the verge of becoming drug kingpins, Walt and Jesse still rely heavily on Saul for his criminal connections.

Beyond Saul’s practical applications, he’s hilarious. A sleazy lawyer who flirts with the stereotype without becoming a caricature. Does Saul deserve to die? Maybe. But I hope he doesn’t.

3. Hank

Unequivocally, the one guy that does not deserve to die is Hank. Sure, he started off the season as a miserable, self-pitying bastard, but it fortunately proved to be a brief phase as he found renewed purpose and satisfaction from his calling, even if it meant going rogue for the second half of the season.

He’s been both friend and family to many on the show, even suffering through Walt’s…well, just suffering through Walt. He’s a dork, but he’s proven to be killer detective with more than a little courage and determination. Sure, it might prove to be his downfall, but he’s the one principal on this show that doesn’t deserve to die for one reason or another.

2. Jesse

Jesse seems to be the only character that is learning from his mistakes on this show. Granted, he’s had a lot of help from virtually every character in doing so, but while everyone else seems boxed in by the decisions they’ve made, Jesse seems to (at least for now) control his own destiny. His arc has taken him from an ineloquent child to a still-ineloquent professional criminal with a moral code superior to anyone else’s on Breaking Bad.

1. Mike

Let’s get beyond the fact that Mike is pretty much the only likable guy on the show. Even if it wasn’t for that fact, Mike does most of the heavy lifting, so we keep following Mike for the action and the inherent comic relief that follows. That’s not to say that criminal activity would stop if Mike was rubbed out, but the little asides with Mike’s errands always to me feel like their own little vignettes. Like “The Adventures of Mike and the Asian Couple Held Hostage” or “Mike Vs. The Two Men Hijacking the Truck.”

Additionally, Mike is a free agent, so there’s no way on knowing what his allegiances are, beyond the almighty dollar. As long as Mike’s in play, you never know if he’ll be representing Saul, Jesse, Gus, Walt, or maybe even his own interests, though we have little to know idea what those could be. As the power shifts, a big piece of the puzzle is “Who gets Mike?” so I’m in no hurry to see him go away.

And, as I said, he’s pretty much the only likable guy on the show.

And Who We Want To Die…

4. Gus

Gus’ presence on the show is indicative of the masterful restraint that allow Breaking Bad to pull us back and forth like so many willful marionettes. I don’t want Gus to die due to this fact, but I feel like Gus must for the show to make its next evolution. He’s put himself in a situation which, barring some sort of crazy-unforeseen diplomatic action, will result in either his death or the deaths of Walt or Hank. Since I like Hank, and am hoping that lung cancer eventually does in our protagonist, that leaves Gus on the chopping block. He’s had a hell of a run, but it’s pretty clear that he’s painted himself into a corner.

3. Tyrus

Now, I don’t out-and-out hate Tyrus. I like his silent presence in so many scenes, in fact. But I want blood, dammit. Lots of blood. And since there are a few people who I badly want to see through this mess, that leaves a few on the bubble. Tyrus is a bubble boy. I’ve spent the past five minutes debating whether or not it’s illogical to want Tyrus dead because he seems to lack compassion. Does Gus lack compassion? Do Walt or Mike? I think they do. But so far, Tyrus has been little more than a robot without Mike’s charm or even his gruff demeanor.

If I don’t care if he lives or dies, that means I want him to die.

2. Marie

Does she deserve to die? I can safely say that, yes, she is so annoying that she deserves to die. While she has proven herself more helpful during Hank’s incapacitation, I can’t just let go of the stink she made over the whole “Walt smoking weed” theory in season one. It was downright painful. Further, she’s a thief. Granted she only steals stupid things like tiaras and vacation photos from open houses, but that’s somehow worse in my book. Because it’s just so damn annoying.

She’s in harm’s way just being close to Hank, so I’m prepared to see her taken as leverage. Then shot twice in the head.

1. Holly

That’s right. I want Walt’s baby girl to die. Not for the shock value of it all (though it would probably be the most shocking moment of television ever), but because Breaking Bad CAN do this. Gus is a stone cold animal, and he’s proven himself capable of killing children, or anyone who gets in his way, before. Holly hasn’t contributed shit to the show, Gus caused Walt to miss her birth, so her untimely death would serve as a very fitting bookend to this era of Walt’s life, making both he and Skyler victims of their own bad decisions.

Only then will the bad truly be “broken.”

I have no idea what that means, but it makes for a nice little bow on the piece, doesn’t it?

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9 Goriest Deaths So Far On ‘Breaking Bad’ Fri, 07 Oct 2011 21:46:41 +0000 Wookie Johnson Spoiler alerts!

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With Sunday’s season finale of Breaking Bad looming over our weekend, everyone is eager to find out who will die next in some shocking, explicitly gory way. Will it be Hank? Or Gus? Steve Gomez? Or Skylar? Or Marie? It would be cool if it were Marie.

Or maybe it will be no one. All we really know for sure is that sh*t is going to go down and the likelihood is that if someone is killed, it’s going to be ugly. In honor of this, here’s a recap of Breaking Bad’s goriest death scenes. How do these get past the censors?


When planning your next drug deal, you might want to consider conducting your business in an isolated junkyard. However, you should be aware of the dangers. For instance, should the necessity to hide a body arise you must be careful in where you stash it. Naturally a demolished car would be the first place you’d think of, but be careful that you aren’t putting yourself in harm’s way. Gonzo didn’t heed this warning and ended up bleeding out after getting his arm pinned beneath a falling car.


It’s important to do your best no matter where you work. Whether it be for an entertainment blog or the Mexican cartel. Especially true for the cartel. Tortuga was a drug runner (and informant) who moved too slowly for the tastes of his employers. Rather than receiving a pink slip, he was decapitated. Then his head was glued to an exploding tortoise. Keep them legs up!


Walt’s first hands-on kill remains one of the most haunting. After deciding to free the imprisoned Krazy-8, Hank realizes that the man is planning to kill him with a broken plate shard. He then does what has to be done and chokes the man with a bicycle lock and kills his innocence along with him.

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