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The Best Of The Spider-Man Meme
Thursday, June 16 by

Probably more entertaining than ‘Spider-man 3′.

Enough With Nic Cage Already, Internet
Friday, January 21 by

Seeing two Nic Cage memes on the same day caused me to stop and wonder what the hell is going on? What is the Internet’s sick obsession with Cage?

James Van Der Beek Shows Us His O-Face
Tuesday, January 4 by

We all thought that James Van Der Beek’s best days were behind him, but we were all terrible, rotten fools.

‘Hey There Keanu’ – A ‘Sad Keanu’ Reeves Compilation Video
Sunday, June 20 by

The "Sad Keanu" meme has taken the Internet by storm. But who has time to sift through the thousands of pics of sad Keanu Reeves to find the real gems?Thanks to Screen Junkies (and whoever made this video), you don't have to! Now you can sit back, relax and watch the best of the "Sad Keanu" goodness come to you, all while listening to a parody of a the Plain White Ts "Hey There Delilah." What an age we live in!Enjoy "Hey There Keanu," the "Sad Keanu" meme compilation video, after the jump.

The Matrix Grants Neo Dope Skillz
Monday, April 5 by

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18 Awesome David Caruso Memes
Thursday, February 4 by

The master of the scene segue should take his sunglasses off for these memes. YEEAAAAH!!!

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