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Last week, news dropped that the groundbreaking Fox sitcom Married…With Children has a spin-off in the works. The Sony Pictures Television production, which is rumored to center around David Faustino’s Bud Bundy, is not the only beloved 80s-to-90s sitcom in the works: a Full House reboot with much of the original cast, may also be on its way.

Between those, Girl Meets World and the crap-tastic Saved By the Bell movieit’s an exciting time for us post-Generation Xers who experienced those shows in their first run during our formative years and reflect on them fondly. Because Married…With Children aged remarkably well and set a standard that revolutionized sitcoms (unfortunately resulting in several off-brand imitators), I’m not excited about a reboot in a post-Twitter, PC world where the edgy humor that made Married… and other 90s sitcoms tick won’t fly so well now.

There have been many sitcom reboots throughout the years that have worked like gangbusters, and many that have fallen flat — so many that it would probably take someone paid to know such things to recite them all. (I had no idea there were *two* Three’s Company spinoffs). Here are just ten of them, in order from worst to best:

10. Joey – It’s well-documented that I think Friends is one of the wackest shows ever. So it would stand to reason that one of the wackest characters on one of the wackest shows ever getting his own spin-off couldn’t possibly result in quality television. Matt LeBlanc‘s Joey Tribbiani worked well as a dunce when surrounded by four slightly less dunce-y people, but giving him his own show was almost as bad an idea as giving the Geico Cavemen their own show, and for the same damn reasons. Seeing sexy Drea De Matteo back on screen after being whacked in The Sopranos was fun, but she couldn’t help the show last more than two seasons.

9. Baywatch Nights - Here’s a novel idea: Take one of the world’s most popular hours on television, take away the things that made it the most watchable show on television  (gorgeous breast-implanted women wearing regulation high-cut one-piece swimsuits), add even more Hasselhoff and try to leech off the popularity of The X-Files, and you have Baywatch Nights. Not sure how a show featuring Angie Harmon battling human-fish hybrids made it two seasons before being put out of its misery.

8. The Golden Palace - The Golden Girls was an unqualified success as a show that followed four women living together in the twilight of their lives. Considering the relative finality of this venture, it was a bit strange to see three of the four women segue into becoming hoteliers in Miami. Disregarding the inanity of the concept of three old biddies taking on the lion’s share of responsibility in a hotel in one of the world’s most popular destinations (never mind the money it would require to invest in such a venture), the show wasn’t that great, and it was axed after a single season. Bonus points, however, for putting the talented Don Cheadle in a regular role in 1992 before anyone cared who he was.

7. Buddies - Good news: ABC recognized the star quality of Dave Chappelle after a single guest appearance on Home Improvement and gave him his own show. Bad news: It was too soon. Buddies is a cautionary tale for trying to put talent that has yet to be cultivated into the front seat without proper driving lessons. The 1996 series’ ratings were so abysmal, only five of the 13 episodes shot ever aired. It didn’t help that Chappelle’s “buddy” Jim Breuer (aka Brian from Half Baked) was recast, killing the comedic chemistry. Chappelle completists need not fret, though: Copies of the DVD are still out there.

6. Melrose PlaceMelrose Place was Beverly Hills 90210 for folks a little too grown to follow the lives of high-school kids, and a soap opera for those who couldn’t imagine getting into their mom’s Ambien-esque fare. No show was more utterly 1990s and featured a cast of more preternaturally attractive human beings. Depending on who you talk to, Aaron Spelling’s masterpiece might have trumped 90210 in terms of pure campy goodness. Heather Locklear was the true magic of the show, whose cast listing reads like a Who’s Who of really hot people from the 1990s who are at least in their 40s and have virtually no career anymore.

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The post 10 Television Spin-offs, Ranked From Worst to Best appeared first on Screen Junkies.

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