Audio Proof Mel Gibson’s Certifiably Batsh*t Crazy
Monday, July 12 by

MEL GIBSONS PSYCHO CALL TO GIRLFRIEND OKSANA GRIGORIEVA – Watch more Funny VideosPlease listen to Mel Gibson's psycho call to Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his baby daughter. It's lengthy by internet standards, but I promise the entire eight minutes will grab hold of you like Mel Gibson would if you were a minority in a windowless room alone with him. If you didn't think Mel was batsh*t crazy before, you need hear nothing more than his primal panting to change your opinion.Shake off the verbal abuse with these links.Hooters Swimsuit Pageant Winner Video (TVSquad)Some Women Shift Sexual Orientations (Asylum)25 Hilarious Cheerleader Fail Videos (HolyTaco)Hollywood Accounting Explained (FilmDrunk)10 Awesome Predator Tattoos (Maxim)The Search for New England's Best Ass (BarStoolSports)10 Cartoon Cereals That Sadly No Longer Exist (EgoTV)Your Favorite Directors Aren't Box Office Hits (Pajiba)20 Awesome Retro Movie and TV Lunch Boxes (Unreality)German Celebration Fail (TotalProSports)20 Cool Fan Art Marios (Smosh)10 Real Jobs to Work Alongside Hot Chicks (BroBible)Miley Cyrus Shows Her Behind (CelebJihad)Shinya Aoki is the Biggest Douche in Japanese MMA (CagePotato)Spencer Pratt Has No Place to Live (PopEater)Private Ninja Lessons (MadeMan)

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