Marley Shelton, Eric Knudson, and Adam Brody Join ‘Scream 4′
Thursday, July 1 by

Some new faces have joined the list of characters who may be the recipients or deliverers of stabbings in Scream 4. Adam Brody and Eric Knudson have joined the cast as a cop obsessed with "CSI" and an teenaged expert on horror cliches, much like Jamie Kennedy's character from the earlier films.These additions come with a few subtractions. Lauren Graham and Lake Bell have both left the production. Marley Shelton is stepping into the cop role vacated by Bell. Bell tweeted earlier in the week that she's sad to leave due to schedule conflicts, and that she knows the identity of the killer. I say we hold her down until she tells us. Or just hold her down in general. I nominate me for the job. (THR)

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