Try Not To Laugh During The Trailer For 50 Cent’s Cancer Drama ‘Things Fall Apart’
Wednesday, March 9 by

Whoa, Ray Liotta looks thin!

50 Cent Will Get Thin Or Die Tryin’
Wednesday, May 26 by

The skeleton monster you see in the picture above is the fragile whisp that used to be 50 Cent. The rapper has dropped fitty pounds to play a cancer-stricken football player in the upcoming Things Fall Apart. The film, directed by Mario Van Peebles and written by 50 Cent tells the stor– what? I wouldn't drop $12 let alone a quarter of my body weight for a Mario Van Peebles / 50 Cent collabo.50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie 'Things Fall Apart.' In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer. He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks.That's weird. Russell Crowe's liquid diet didn't help him lose any weight. Then again, that liquid was cake batter. (This Is 50)

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