‘MacGyver’ Without Music Exposes The Strange Habits Of A Lonely Man
Monday, January 5 by

Those are some odd hobbies.

Angelina Goes ‘MacGyver’ in Latest ‘Salt’ Clip
Thursday, July 8 by

MacGyver's rocket assembly was much sexier.I was going to title this piece "Angelina Rubs 'Salt' in the Wound," but knowing our readers (hi Dad), I figured it would come across as dirty. Besides, considering the content, the "MacGyver" reference is much more appropriate.In the latest clip from Salt, Angelina's character reacts to being cornered like any good super spy would by constructing a rocket launcher out of a fire extinguisher, an office chair and some common "interrogation room" chemicals. Granted, the CIA may keep rocket fuel in their interrogation rooms, which is why I'm willing to suspend disbelief.Watch Angelina Jolie go "MacGyver" after the jump.

‘MacGyver’ Gets To Be A Movie Now
Friday, May 21 by

I've been lost in these eyes for hours.Everyone balked when news broke that MacGruber was heading to theaters, but today we have even more unbelievable news — MacGyver is heading to theaters. THR reports that Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous, other sucky things) has been brought on to write the film with Raffaella and Martha De Laurentiis producing, along with series creator/MacGruber c-blocker Lee Zlotoff.No casting has been announced yet but let me just say, PLEASE CAST NICOLAS CAGE. PLEASE. That forehead paired with a mullet is too beautiful not to film. He's proven himself as a solid adventurer and Bad Lieutenant taught us that he works well with Xzibit. Oh yeah. Also please cast Xzibit. Basically, the movie should be a 90 minute version of this.

‘MacGyver’ Creator Calls for C-Blocking of ‘MacGruber’
Wednesday, February 3 by

MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff is not happy with SNL's big-screen parody of his guy-with-a-mullet-displaying-ingenuity-with-everyday-household-items-in-order-to-get-out-of-life-threatening-scrapes-at-the-last-second action series. Hollywood Reporter reports Hollywoodily, that he is preparing legal action against Relativity Media to block the April 23rd release of the butt and boob filled MacGruber. Some say that parody falls within the realm of fair use while Zlotoff feels like there is a big difference between a short sketch and a 90-minute film, especially while he is developing MacGyver for the big screen himself.Seems like an uphill battle, if only because nobody besides Lee Zlotoff wants to see a MacGyver movie. As he prepares his case, I hope he refers to 1991's controversial Top Gun v. Hot Shots! If you'll remember, the case was dismissed when a confused Lloyd Bridges shuffled around the courtroom while farting a melody eerily similar to "Who Let the Dogs Out." But it was the crap he took in the corner that angered the judge the most. (THR)

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