When actor Omar Epps and actress Sanaa Lathan turned hoops dreams into hot romance with their on-screen chemistry in the 2000 romantic drama "Love & Basketball" many of their quotes could bounce around in your mind. With writing credits that include the Bill Cosby-created television hit "A Different World" and the Will Smith-produced drama "The Secret Life with Bees," director and screenwriter Gina Prince-Bythewood provided her talented "Love & Basketball" cast with these slam dunks of dialogue that address gender roles, career goals, and good old fashion L-O-V-E.   


Monica: "It's a trip, you know? When you're a kid, you-you see the life you want, and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna turn out that way."

The harsh reality of this "Love & Basketball" quote from Sanaa Lathan's athletic character captures the internal cheer leading spirit that children have before they are burdened with the often-overwhelming responsibilities of adulthood. Maintaining that impenetrable self-belief may become increasingly difficult with age, but without genuine dreams to be hopeful for, aren't we just running further away from our intrinsic nature?  


Monica: "I'll play you."

Quincy: "For what?"

Monica: "Your heart."

You would be hard pressed to locate a more effective string of quotes from "Love & Basketball" that tie those two separate subjects together. It is one thing to be excessively competitive enough to give your chosen sport everything you have in you. But when you also must share those same internal emotions with the one you most desire, the game of basketball becomes the game of love way before halftime.  


Monica: "I never asked you to choose."

Quincy:  "You never had to."

This dialogue exchange from "Love & Basketball" illustrates that the thin line between career goals and emotional satisfaction is not always an automatic three-point shot. They can push each other further away from your list of priorities to win you over completely. Love never seems to make compromises when it feels real.  


Monica: "That's what you think, is it? Because I'd rather wear a jersey than an apron?"

 Gender roles have been forced down our throats for ages, probably by men, and have molded the distinctive boundaries that many place around the lifestyles of men and women. But Monica begs to differ with the standard status quo in "Love & Basketball."  Monica's quote exemplifies the fact that if she would rather dribble a basketball instead of baking cookies–Quincy better accept it and respect it.