If you're a fan of the hit TV series, chances are you're curious to know more about "Lost" alternate endings.  Did the producers have any in mind or was it all cut and dried from the start? Have you seen the comedic "Lost" alternate endings that were shared with viewers on the "Aloha to Lost" special? Let's flag this a "Lost" spoiler alert and chew over some interesting alternate endings to this great survival drama.

  1. The "Survivor" Ending. Of course, everyone saw this coming, but it's still one of the funniest "Lost" alternate endings that was released by "Lost" executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The "Lost" group is gathered on the beach, discussing how the submarine blew up, when "Survivor" host Jeff Probst shows up and extinguishes Sayid's tiki torch. What? Shock registers on the Iraqi torturer's face as, yes, he finds himself voted off the island. What makes this particular "Lost" alternate ending even funnier is Sayid's reaction and comments about being told to leave the island.

  2. The Parallel Parking Ending. This comedic "Lost" alternate ending focuses in on Hurley, who is sitting in a diner and flipping through music in an old-fashioned table jukebox. Claire and Jack join him and the group orders onion rings which, in itself, isn't all that spectacular. What makes this "Lost" alternate ending shine is watching Jin try and parallel park the Dharma hippy van.

  3. The Bob Newhart Ending. If you were ever a fan of Bob Newhart, you're sure to get a laugh out of this "Lost" alternate ending, in which Bob wakes up to tell his wife about a crazy dream he'd had. Only, it's Kate that sits up and tells him about the crazy dream she had, about being stuck on an island. The two suddenly discover that they aren't waking up to the people they expected to wake up next to and screams abound. Then, as if it couldn't get any funnier, the camera pans over to another bed where Lindelof and Cuse are snuggled up in bed together. Hilarious!

  4. Other "Lost" Alternate Endings. Of course, not all "Lost" alternate endings made it to the screen. Fans are a great source for alternate endings, whether you want funny alternatives or a plethora of fanfic adaptations. Some "Lost" fans focus on the Purgatory storyline and twist it into their own alternate version, while others opt for topics such as Heaven and Hell, time travel or alternate realities. Some alternate endings for "Lost" even focus on ghosts or ancient civilizations and tribes granting magic powers to the island.

Whatever your preference for "Lost" alternate ending, chances are there are others out there that have written stories about it, love to discuss it or believe there should be a spin-off or sequel built around it. In addition to keeping forums on the subject of "Lost" alternate versions, there's also a wide variety of play-by-email and other games that allow the players to embrace their imagination and write their own "Lost" alternate versions in the virtual reality. If you enjoy weaving stories and telling your own "Lost" alternate endings, why not share yours?