Hey there. We didn't see very much of you in the first film!
‘Godzilla 2′ Must Wait For Director Gareth Edwards To Do ‘Star Wars’, Gets 2018 Release Date
Friday, August 15 by

Outer space beats lizards every time.

Legendary Wants Director Joe Cornish For Its ‘King Kong’ Prequel ‘Skull Island’
Tuesday, July 29 by

It’s between him and Spike Lee. Just kidding. No one’s asked Spike.

Hey, buddy. It's a been a minute. How ya been?
Comic-Con Teases Cryptic ‘King Kong’ Sequel, Leaves Everyone Confused
Monday, July 28 by

Is it a prequel? A sequel? A gritty reboot with King Kong as a troubled loner?

I imagine that Phillip Seymour Hoffman could play over 90% of these characters.
Hey Nerds, That ‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie Is Still In The Works
Friday, August 3 by

Leeroy Jenkins.

Guillermo Del Toro Wants Idris Elba For ‘Pacific Rim’
Monday, June 6 by

Everything’s coming up Idris Elba.

Jackie Robinson To Go From The Negro Leagues To The Big Screen
Wednesday, June 1 by

This movie will get made much slower than you can say ‘Jackie Robinson’.

‘Godzilla’ Rises From the Depths Once Again
Monday, March 29 by

Legendary Pictures is gearing up for an American remake of Godzilla, the well-known monster most famous for destroying Tokyo more times than panty-sharking. This seems like a bad idea. Roland Emmerich's attempt to bring Toho's monster to American shores was terribly goofy and has really soured the public's need to see another film. For that reason, Legendary wants to make it clear that this movie will not be a sequel to that movie. It will be a re-imagining of the Japanese Godzilla films, but I'm still hesitant to trust–Wait what's this?Oh, okay. That's adorable. I can't stay mad at him now. Post-convert it to 3D and bring it on Legendary!

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