You'd be a lot prettier if you smiled, baby girl.
Lena Dunham Auditions For ‘Zero Dark Thirty’
Wednesday, February 27 by

If Osama is hiding at Bonnaroo, she’ll find him.

The Screen Junkies Show: Disney’s Star Wars Auditions!
Wednesday, November 7 by

This baby casts itself.

Steve Carell’s ‘Anchorman’ Audition
Tuesday, November 9 by

In his audition for Anchorman, Steve Carell made the choice to play Brick Tamland like a giggling idiot. So much so that it looks like he’s on the brink of passing out. Even with the degraded video quality, you can tell his face gets awfully purple.

Someone Gave Heidi Montag a Gun for Her ‘Transformers 3′ Audition
Wednesday, May 26 by

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Tom Cruise’s Leaked ‘New Moon’ Audition
Wednesday, November 18 by

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