Latino war movies features the involvement of young men and women of this community in battle throughout the years. Generations of Latinos have gone on to fight wars and these movies dramatize their service and bravery. These war movies reveal the hardships and glory that many Latinos endured for the service of their country. No one is immune to the fear and horrors of war and these Latino movies also bring that harsh reality to audiences who wish to witness their courage. Latino war movies are a testament to those who served for a greater cause of their beliefs and uphold the ideals of a nation in the annals of history.

  1. "The Lost City" Andy Garcia wrote and directed this movie about thre brothers who must cope with the revolutionary war in 1950s Cuba. The struggles for power between the Batista regime to Fidel Castro's communist government force them to flee their native land.

  2. "Latino" A Latino Vietnam veteran travels down to Nicaragua to help train the Contra rebels back by the United States. During his stay, he falls in love with a local woman, but their affair is endangered when her father dies by the Contra rebels' hands.

  3. "Innocent Voices" A war ravaged El Salvador during the 1980s threatens a young boy's life and family. The atrocities of war dominates the movie about the powerful bonds of a Latino family's fight against oppression.

  4. "Blessed by Fire" Two young Latino soldiers return to their native land after battles in the Malvinas (Falkland Islands). Years later, one of them learns that his friend tried to commit suicide due to their experiences in battle.

  5. "Butterfly Tongues" The Spanish Civil War looms in the background in this coming-of-age tale of a young Latino boy, Moncho. His close relationship with his teach is threatened when the fascists begin to round up known Republicans.