10 Best Kung Fu Movies In English
Wednesday, December 1 by Travis Petersen

Not all of the best kung fu movies are in Chinese; here is our list of the 10 best kung fu movies in English, starting with what may be the…

Two Trailers for RZA’s Homegrown ‘Wu-Tang Vs. the Golden Pheonix’
Tuesday, June 29 by

With the runaway success of The Karate Kid, I can understand the push to get more rappers and rapper's progeny in kung fu-based situations, but don't sacrifice the quality of cinema to do so. The grainy footage you'll see below the jump of karate guys jumping around is two trailers for Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Pheonix, a ten year passion project from The Wu-Tang Clan's chief producer RZA. I know he was going for a certain aesthetic (not spending much money) but I'm afraid RZA's setting himself up for a fall. I'd hate to be there when he's informed that the create-your-own-Grindhouse trailer contest ended years ago and the top prize went to Hobo With A Shotgun. He'll be so upset he'll probably hit the messenger with a bo staff before shooting him with lightning fingers. WATCH SOME GUYS TIRE OUT THEIR ARMS AFTER THE JUMP…

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