Experience the excitement, action and adventure found in Korea fighting movies. These great Korean movies are not for the faint at heart. Highly rated and entertaining, Korean fighting movies will keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out these Korean fighting movies. You will not be disappointed.

  1. "Old Boy" "Old Boy" is one Korean movie that you must see. This story begins on the streets of Seoul where an ordinary family man is kidnapped and imprisoned in isolation for 15 years and is suddenly released. He spends the next five days seeking vengeance on his captor and this is when the fighting begins. This highly rated movie is dark, violent and action-packed.

  2. "A Dirty Carnival" This Korean fighting movie is not your ordinary mob story. It shows the human side of a gangster who must also care for his sick mother, keep an eye on his brother and prevent the family from losing their home—and he must take orders from the mob boss and take care of his gang. "A Dirty Carnival" is dark, emotional and realistic. The fighting scenes are quite brutal and bloody, but the movie is very interesting.

  3. "JSA - Joint Security Area" A complex friendship exists between soldiers stationed at the border between North and South Korea, known as the Joint Security Area. The friendship is illegal as the pairs of soldiers are on opposite sides divided by political and physical boundaries. One night something tragic happens; the soldiers end up fighting each other, but their may be more than meets the eye. The two North Korean soldiers are left dead and the South Korean soldiers are in shock and suicidal. Although "JSA" is sad, it is realistic and reminds us all of the possibility of brotherhood with those we consider enemies.

  4. "The Brotherhood of War" When it comes to Korean fighting movies, "The Brotherhood of War" is a smash hit. This epic movie of the Korean War is emotional and dramatic as two brothers forced into war struggle to survive and protect each other.

  5. "Friend" This movie deals with loyalty and betrayal among four friends who grow up to lead different lives. Two make an honest living working and the other two become gangsters. Naturally the friends drift apart and the action begins. This Korean movie is intense and dramatic with real emotions and awesome fighting scenes.

The Korean film industry is taking the world by storm. Korean fighting movies have truly made their mark in the world of entertainment. Be ready for a thrill when you sit down to watch a Korean fighting movie.