Public Transportation Terror: 5 Subway Crashes In Movies
Thursday, February 23 by Gregory Wakeman

Public transportation is often laughed at, hated and abused by its users for its unreliability and god awful smell. Whilst those who possess their own cars look down on the…

Tuesday, July 7 by

     The KNOWING & PUSH Blu-Ray Contest Has Ended.  @agenttrav and @thyndman4are the winners!  Please direct tweet us or hit us up at feedback_at_screenjunkies_dot_com to arrange shipment!  CONGRATS!!Summit Entertainment just released two of this year's notable sci-fi flicks on DVD and Blu-Ray, and Screenjunkies has copies of both films (on Blu-Ray, of course, we're not savages).  Sure, you could buy Knowing here and Push here, but since free is better than not – even with Amazon's discounts – we're giving away two copies of each film for nuttin' (and nuttin' means we pay the postage, too). Find out how to get the goods after the jump.

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