‘Knight and Day’ Actress Gal Gadot
Wednesday, June 23 by

Gal Gadot is someone to look out for in the coming years, as she has proven to spice up big budget action fare like Fast & Furious and this week's Knight and Day. Coming from the land of the Middle East, this fomer Miss Israel shows us why her country is land worth fighting over.A word from Gal: "It's fun playing the bad girl, since I'm always the good girl in real life."Actresses say that all time. If they're all such goody two-shoes then who's helping Lindsay Lohan rail lines off of toilet paper dispensers? Show some solidarity, Girls.More innocent pics of Gal after the jump.

‘Knight and Day’ Actress Maggie Grace
Tuesday, June 22 by

Maggie Grace shows off her blonde sexy curls and fit body wherever she goes, either as a kidnapped teenager in Taken or a tough heroine in "Lost." She can next be seen in Knight and Day, but blink and you'll miss her performance as Cameron Diaz's matrimonial-bound sister. She'll be coming to Dwyane Johnson's rescue in this fall's Faster, where her smoking hot legs will be put to good action use.A word from Maggie: "High heels can be sexy. But before you leave the house, make sure you can walk in them. I've made that mistake."Must…resist…every temptation…to make a joke…about how blondes…can't walk…and doing anything else…at the same time… Check out more of a very balanced Maggie after the jump.

Review: ‘Knight and Day’
Monday, June 21 by

Knight and Day PG-13, 109min.,2010 Cast: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgard, Viola Davis, and Paul Dano Directed by James Mangold Screenplay by Patrick O'Neill   Knight and Day evaporates from the mind like most summer action flicks once the end credits roll.   Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star as Miller, the reflex quick spy, and June, the tough but at times ditsy blonde – two roles they both can do in their sleep at this point. Miller and June are involved in a worldwide espionage plot that they find way over their heads, giving excuse for over the top car case sequences and fireball explosions that will come in the next 2 hours. With them filling script flaws with pseudo-action chemistry and the occasional information of character story and plot connection, action comedy has never looked this boring.MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Knight & Day’ Starting To Get A Little Clingy With New Trailer
Thursday, May 27 by

It's weird. When I first saw a trailer for Knight & Day, I was intrigued. Maybe even charmed. Then I saw another one and was more intrigued. And now, twenty-seven trailers later, I couldn't care less. Look, Knight & Day, it's not you, it's me. You seem fun and action-packed but I'm just not ready to watch a Tom Cruise movie at this point in my life, y'know? I need some me time. Anyway, here's the newer international trailer for the Tom Cruise. It's got the same jokes and same set pieces as we've seen before with a few extra glimpses of the action that goes down in Europe. Including bull-fighting. Everyone loves bull-fighting, right? Ooooh. Sorry I asked. CHECK OUT THE GORE-GEOUS NEW TRAILER AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Knight & Day’ International Trailer Promises Action Galore
Friday, April 16 by

Cruise wouldn't pay ten bucks for a Boston Market sandwich. If you thrive on non-stop explosions, car chases, and witty sarcasm then you're gonna have one helluva time watching this new international trailer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith Two a.k.a. Killers a.k.a Knight & Day. Hey, I enjoy a fun ride just as much as the next John reclined in the driver's seat of his Corolla, but there's a point when action set-pieces become more exhausting than five minutes of coitus. Having said that, no one does Jerry Maguire like Tom Cruise, and I still get tickled by his restrained fits of rage and amorphous torso. Seriously, what kind of crunches give you a three pack? Introduce some symmetry to your abs, Cruise. Check out the trailer after the jump. Knight & Day crashes into theaters June 25, 2010.

Tom Cruise Loooves Holding Women Hostage in New ‘Knight & Day’ Trailer
Tuesday, March 30 by

The new trailer for Knight & Day gives us a better look at Tom Cruise going batcrap crazy and kidnapping Cameron Diaz. In the trailer, he's described as being mentally unstable, violent and dangerous, and having suffered a full-blown break with reality. Yet, Cameron Diaz still eats up the attention. That's such a crock. Whenever I like a girl and cling to her windshield as she speeds down the expessway, the authorities are brought in and my parent's have to move again. But Johnny Handsome here does the same thing and it's considered a meet cute. Maybe my standards are out of whack. I should pursue someone closer to my own age. Like Katherine Heigl. Watch Cruise save Cameron from the forces of Peter Sarsgaard after the jump.

Cruise and Diaz in ‘Knight & Day’ Set Photos
Tuesday, January 26 by

In December, we had a look at the trailer for Knight & Day, the punny-titled action-comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Yesterday, photographers in Long Beach, CA snapped some set photos so apparently the film is not yet in the can. Filming should be finished soon though considering it opens in theaters July 2nd.I'm not entirely sure which scene they were working on yesterday but from judging the photos, I can extrapolate what went down…(Faded Youth via Cinema Blend)

Tom Cruise Holds Another Woman Hostage in ‘Knight & Day’ Trailer
Tuesday, December 22 by

Here we have a poster and trailer for Knight & Day. The film stars Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Cameron Diaz's donger. Seriously, poster design guy? You're supposed to airbrush OUT the lead actress's penis. It's that lack of attention to detail that got you fired from designing Lady Gaga album covers. Check out Tom Cruise's comedic and karate chops in the trailer after the jump…

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