Van Damme Owes A Lot To His Big Legs And Karate
Friday, August 10 by

He really makes it look easy.

Don’t Mess with the Never Back Down Cast
Thursday, October 6 by Shawn Lealos

One of the hard cor fighting movies of 2008, The “Never Back Down” cast starred in this film about a secret world of mixed martial arts fighting. The movie is…

10 Best Old Karate Movies
Thursday, August 4 by Ergopotamo

Because we all love big fights, here’s a list of the 10 best old karate movies. That’s what old karate movies are all about: big perfectly and beautifully choreographed fights with…

5 Best Karate Girl Movies
Friday, July 22 by Brian Neese

The 5 best karate girl movies occupy a not-too-common aspect of martial arts movies. Depending on your definition of "karate girl movies," there is room depending on how prominent a…

Top 10 Kung Fu Movies
Wednesday, July 20 by Walter Turner

The top 10 Kung Fu movies includes films with terrific action, exceptional fight scenes, good plots, intriguing characters, and some hilarious comedy. The Kung Fu genre isn't usually given much…

10 Best Karate Fights In Movies
Sunday, April 10 by Tony Dayton

Due to the popularity of karate films, it is not too difficult to come up with some of the ten best karate fights in movies. Whether it be films starring…

10 Best 80’s Karate Movies
Monday, March 21 by Sylvia Tsang

If you love Karate, then you must watch the 10 best 80’s Karate movies. Although these movies may seem offbeat and outdated, everyone will fall in love with their storylines…

5 Best Lady Ninja Movies
Friday, March 11 by Nicole Jackman

The 5 best lady ninja movies surprisingly make up some classic ninja films. Martial arts is a great genre for movies. Toss in some angry females, and you have yourself…

10 Best Kung Fu Movies
Wednesday, March 2 by Chuck G.

If you are ready to watch fast paced, action packed films, then get ready to rent these 10 best Kung Fu movies. Kung-fu is defined as self-defense techniques first seen…

10 Best Martial Arts Movie Stars
Sunday, January 30 by Chuck G.

You might think that the 10 best martial arts movie stars are all men, think again for there are hot women wh drive action in their movies with their own…

10 Great Martial Arts Movies
Wednesday, January 26 by Tony Dayton

Since there there are so many of these types of films to choose from, selecting 10 great martial arts movies is a relatively simple task. From Bruce Lee to Uma Thurman,…

5 Best Martial Arts Movies 2007
Saturday, January 22 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The 5 best martial arts movies of 2007 are all those films that made you want to do some chop-socky, kung-f fighting of your own! These are the films that…

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