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Reports have recently surfaced that former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar’s daughter Sara Kosar has been doing porn under the name “Lexxi Silver.” That’s definitely a surprise, but remember: It it’s hard being the daughter of a celebrity. People can have very high expectations of you, expectations you might find difficult to meet. There are several different ways of coping, and one of them is to start doing porn. Here are a few (including Kosar) who chose that path, for your furtive viewing pleasure.

Sara Kosar

The aforementioned Sara Kosar, daughter of former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar, is just the latest celebrity daughter to allegedly get into porn (when she’s not working as an aerobics instructor). And it’s evidently not the kind of porn it’s OK to look at while you’re at work. But Lexxi Silver isn’t the first celebrity’s daughter who’s looked to America’s Largest Industry to make some extra cash.

Montana Fishburne

Montana Fishburne, daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, is another celebrity daughter who recently began a career in porn. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dad is any happier about this than you’d expect, since the actor has reportedly cut off all ties with his daughter. And porn isn’t the onl fringe business Montana has been involved in: In 2009 she was arrested for prostitution. Hey, maybe porn isn’t so bad after all.

Jayme Langford

Not all celebrity daughters in porn capitalize on their famous last names. Take Jayme Langford, whose identity as rock star Dave Navarro’s daughter is such a secret that it isn’t even mentioned on her Wikipedia page. This might be because unlike Montana Fishburne, Jayme Langford isn’t exactly a porn “star.” According to recent rumors, she’s currently addicted to crystal meth and living out of her car.

The post 5 Celebrity Daughters Who’ve Done Porn appeared first on Screen Junkies.

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