Review: The Green Hornet
Tuesday, January 11 by

The Green Hornet is as good as any Green Hornet movie could probably be, which is to say he’s not a very interesting superhero.

Hang With the ‘Green Hornet’ Cast Through Your Computer
Monday, January 10 by

Ever wanted to attend the star-studded premiere of a major studio film? Well now’s your chance to pretend you’re doing just that! Tonight we’ll be streaming the premiere of The Green Hornet right here.

The Green Hornet
Monday, January 3 by

DIRECTOR: Michel Gondry CAST: Seth Rogen; Jay Chou; Cameron Diaz; Christoph Waltz; Edward Furlong; Tom Wilkinson SYNOPSIS: By night, debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid fights crime as a masked superhero…

New ‘Green Hornet’ Trailer Busts Out Kato-Vision
Friday, November 19 by

The new theatrical trailer for The Green Hornet has a lot going for it. It’s got lots of guns, cool cars, some hot chicks, and even a few jokes thrown in for good measure. But what most impressed me about the trailer was the “Kato Vision.”

‘The Green Hornet’ Trailer Has Hollywood a Buzz (Sorry)
Tuesday, June 22 by

Sorry, I'm addicted to onamonapia and bad puns.The official trailer for The Green Hornet is out, which is more than I can say for a certain New England Patriots' quarterback (all your supermodel and hot-actress baby mommas don't fool me, Tomás).In the film, the protagonist, Britt Reid (Seth Rogan), is a millionaire playboy who is forced to give up his hard-partying ways in order to fight crime. If that sounds familiar, it's probably because it's the same plot as Iron Man, Batman and every other superhero movie you've ever seen. But in a twist reminiscent of my high school chemistry class, Reid lets his Asian friend Kato (Jay Chou) do all the hard work, and basically just goes along for the ride.It's not a stereotype if it really happened.Watch The Green Hornet take credit for Kato's hard work after the jump.

Seth Rogen Blows Sh*t Up In First Official Look at ‘The Green Hornet’
Monday, June 21 by

Though the trailer isn't set to premiere until tonight, we've got a duo of official photos from Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet. The photos show a slimmed-down Seth Rogen as the Hornet and Jay Chou's Kato in action. In the first, we see the boys running away from a massive explosion in full action hero mode. In the second, we see Kato with his gun trained at someone in what looks like a Benihana restaurant. A word to the wise, you throw broccoli at Jay Chou's face, you risk losing your face.What's missing is Gondry's trademark loopy art direction. I don't see yarn or cardboard in either of these. There's not even any macaroni art. Somebody had better swede this movie immediately.SEE SETH ROGEN: ACTION STAR AFTER THE JUMP…

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