Oh, man, he's punchable. More punchable than usual.
Jason Schwartzman Is A Total Prick In The ‘Listen Up Phillip’ Trailer
Wednesday, September 17 by

From the looks of this trailer, I don’t think Phillip is the type of guy who listens.

Watch Wes Anderson’s New Short Starring Jason Schwartzman
Thursday, November 14 by

Anderson on overdrive.

This is actually a picture of an Afghan hound, and no Adrien Brody. We're guessing less than .05% of our readers noticed the slight discrepancy.
Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Adds The Luminous Starpower Of Tilda Swinton And Adrien Brody
Thursday, December 27 by

Christmas came late this year. Or whatever gift-oriented holiday is applicable to you.

Hello yourself, Schwartzman.
Pawnee, Indiana Gets Another Celebrity Visitor In Jason Schwartzman
Wednesday, December 19 by

Move the f*ck over, Rik Smits.

8 Bored To Death Quotes To Use While Talking About The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker
Friday, December 2 by Joseph Gibson

The HBO sitcom "Bored to Death" is one of the most erudite shows on TV, mixing madcap comedy with highbrow literary dialogue. The show is about a young and struggling…

Jason Schwartzman Joins New Wes Anderson Film In Casting Shocker
Wednesday, March 23 by

The new movie, with the totally not hipster-y title ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, stars Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and of course, Schwartzman.

Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman Take Over Atlanta News Station
Tuesday, August 10 by

It seems a little convenient that Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman have a movie coming out this weekend and they just so happen to be reporting the weather on Atlanta's Fox 5 News. Unless this whole thing was an ingenius plan… The two actors, in an effort to promote Scott Pilgrim vs. the World screw around for two minutes in front of an animated green screen. The best part comes right in the beginning when Cera is trampled by a poorly rendered school bus. What would make the clip even better is if the local morning news anchors would shut the hell up. Let the comedians be funny, news anchors. The producer will let you know when there's an update on those human remains found at the Carvels.
Check out the zany forecast after the jump…

HBO’s ‘Bored to Death’ Season 2 Trailer
Monday, June 14 by

In the HBO comedy "Bored to Death," Jason Schwartzman plays a struggling writer who is trying his hand at detective work. As a struggling writer myself, the show inspired me to do a little detective work of my own. And as luck would have it, my keen detective skills helped me find this "Bored to Death" Season 2 trailer featuring Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis. I also found a Helen Keller Simulator and some "Night Court" fanfiction, but I figured you'd be more impressed with the trailer. Watch the "Bored to Death" Season 2 trailer after the jump.

Get A Good Look At the Competition In ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Character Posters
Monday, June 14 by

Before the lesbian-haired Scott Pilgrim can live happily ever after with Ramona Flowers, he must pound the crap out of every ridiculously-clothed evildoer who has plowed her fine ass previously. Below the jump, we have a look at the character posters for each evil ex that you'll see while waiting in a snaking, mile-long line at the multiplex before being seated for your second viewing of The Karate Kid. After viewing each of her eclectic exes, I can say with all certainty that Ramona Flowers rrrrrreally hates her dad.CHECK OUT THE EXES AND THE APPROPRIATELY-NUMBERED CHRIS EVANS AFTER THE JUMP…

Thursday, May 28 by

A little while back, we posted about the Judd Apatow-helmed, Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen-starring Funny People featuring fake films within the film.  Well, one of those fakes has found its way to the 'nets early.  It's Jason Schwartzman as actor Mark Taylor Jackson, starring in his own NBC sitcom, "Yo, Teach!"  Imagine "Head of the Class," but with wisecracking city kids instead of precocious geniuses, and with internet comic sensation Bo Burnham appearing as an "F" student who raps to cope with his insecurities.  Yo, Teach! – Watch more Movie Trailers It's damn funny stuff, and Apatow nails the tone of all those one-liner-laden sitcoms that still dealt with "the issues" of the day… you know… shows like "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" and… every other show on NBC from 1987-2001.  This bodes well for the rest of the film, I'd say.  The filmmakers even went so far as to shoot an EPK for the show, which you can watch after the jump.  It might be the first EPK worth watching in the history of EPKs.

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