It’s all about eating brains, saving the world and baseball in Japanese zombie movies. If you’re one of those people who believes that the impending zombie apocalypse will tear humanity apart in the not to distant future, Japanese zombie movies will give you more ways to plan against and defeat the undead horde that will soon plague us. If you’re a fan of dark humor martial arts and gore, Japanese zombie movies will fuel your sick, twisted desires with ample amounts of blood, guts, and laughs that equal out to two hours of ass kicking good times.

  1. “Wild Zero” (2000) One of the best things about zombie movies is all of the different ways people decide to bring about the zombie apocalypse . In this Japanese zombie movie the undead roam the Earth courtesy of an alien invasion that turns humans into zombies. Now it is up to Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf and Bass Wolf (yes those are these guys real names) to try to save themselves and hopefully the rest of the planet from zombie horde.

  2. “Tokyo Zombie” (2005) It’s the sheer randomness that makes this Japanese zombie movie so much fun to watch. It stars a pair of n’er do well wanna be jujitsu masters who are confronted with a sudden zombie uprising and have to use their limite fighting prowess to try to fend off the zombie swarm that is eating the brains of Tokyo. In this movie they never really explain where the zombies come from, but this movie is so random that they really don’t have to, it’s the unexplained weirdness that makes it fun.

  3. “Battlefield Baseball” (2003) Nothing is sweeter than the combination of the Baseball and the undead. In this Japanese zombie movie the stage is set for an epic battle between Seido High and the league of the undead. It’s a game that doesn’t end until the other team is dead. The only chance the kids of Seido High have to win the game is to get their star pitcher back, but he has hung up hit mit for good. The Japanese fondness for baseball is sweet and the special effects are a lot of fun. A good time for Baseball and zombie fans.

  4. “Versus” (2000) This Japanese zombie movie has a little something for everyone. It has zombies, demons, ghosts and samurais. All fighting it out for control for the 666 gates that connect Earth to dimensions that humans don’t know exist. Now somewhere in Japan the portal to resurrection exists and everything living, dead and otherwise wants a piece.

  5. “Helldriver” (2010) Another goretastic film from Yoshiro Nishimura, this Japanese zombie movie will either make you laugh your ass off or have you tossing cookies. Yoshiro Nishimura sticks with his favorite subject (teenage girls who have to save the world) this time our heroine is out to take on the queen of the zombies with chainsaw strapped to her arm and a blade growing out of her ass. If your a fan of gore, this Japanese zombie will fulfill every sick weasely thing your twisted heart your desires.