Who doesn’t love Japanese sci fi movies?  They’re often hilarious, creative, and entertaining and they usually boast rather stunning CGI. More often then not they feature giant monsters, but they’ve got some great mind benders too. Here are some of the best.

  1. "Gojira" Godzilla to us and one of the most popular Japanese sci-fi movies of all time. You can probably count on one hand the people who haven’t seen some version of this movie and as always the original is better the the American remake. Gojira was a creature born out of the devastation of the atomic bomb and reflected the fear of the what could happen should a nuclear war ever happen.

  2. "Mosura" "Mothra" to us. Unlike Gojira, Mothra was a protector of the human race on a small island called Infant Island. He only attacked Tokyo in their defense and he is the star of series movies that were all highly popular in Japan and one of the best Japanese sci-fi movies.

  3. "San Daikaiju: Chikyu Saidai no Kessen" Ghidorah, the three headed monsters otherwise known as Earth’s Greatest Battle. To many fans this movie marked the end of the Godzilla cannon. There wasn’t anyone left to challenge the King of Monsters so producers created Ghidorah, a three-headed gold dragon from outer space. This was the first Japanese sci fi movie to feature Godzilla as a hero.

  4. "Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaiju Baragon" "Frankenstein Conquers the World" was classic and one of a kind Japanese sci fi movie. It was about a boy who ate the heart of Frankenstein and then became the monster. Nick Adams (of "Rebel Without A Cause" fame) played the lead role.

  5. "Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no Daikaiju" "Yog, Monster from Space" in English was one of the single most creative Japanese sci-fi movies ever made. An alien amoeba from space lands on Earth and turns all manners of creatures into giant monsters.

  6. "Tetsuo the Iron Man" This Japanese sci fi movie showcased no love between humans and robots. There’s nothing good about the union between man and machine in this movie, some call it an "anti-Bladerunner" because it wasn’t pretty and there wasn’t anything happy as the main character finds himself melding with machine in an image volatile enough to make you hurt just watching.

  7. "Goke: Body Snatcher From Hell" Not many films in any genre can claim to include a fiery sky, an assassination of a British ambassador, a bird making a suicide run at the plan, find out there’s a suicide bomber on board, then the very same plan crashing after a close encounter with a UFO all in the first fifteen minutes. What follows is an over the top Japanese sci fi movie that’s one of the most entertaining you’ll ever see.