Japanese romantic comedy movies are sometimes silly, laugh-out-loud funny and sweet, or a great mix of all three. The Japanese film industry produces a wide variety of film genres, everything from horror flicks to even westerns; and romantic comedy movies have become more popular over the last decade.

  1. "My Darling is a Foreigner" (2009) Saori (Mao Inoue), a manga artist, meets and falls in love with the American Tony (Jonathan Sheer), a linguist who has come to Japan to learn the language firsthand. Tony struggles to win over Saori's family and master the Japanese language, often failing in spectacular and embarrassing ways. Saori must deal with Tony's  confusion about Japanese culture and her family's opinion of him.

  2. "Cast Me if You Can" (2010) Hiroshi (Toru Masuoka) is an actor who can never seem to get the lead parts or out from under his father's famous shadow. He doesn't stand out in a crowd and loses the role of a lifetime when the managing producer mistakes him for the person having an affair with his wife. Feeling low, Hiroshi is invigorated when he meets the off-the-wall Aya (Hiromi Nagasaku), who sees him as a person and not just another anonymous face. Hiroshi, determined to win Aya over, must learn to stand out from the crowd, and his attempts end in hilarious results.

  3. "Sankaku" (2010) "Sankaku" tells the story of a reformed low-level criminal, Momose (Sousuke Takaoka), now living a clean life with his girlfriend in a small apartment. Everything is fine until his girlfriend's younger sister, Momo (Erena Ono), moves in. As loyal as Momose is to his girlfriend, Momo's wild and fun ways begin to draw him toward her, with funny and unpredictable results.