Japanese movies 2008 are definite gems for the Japanese film enthusiast. The best Japanese movies of 2008 cover a wide range of genres, including dramas, love stories and comedy. True to the Japanese film industry, these movies come with top-notch acting and unique presentation.

  1. "Tokyo Sonata" Ryuhei Sasaki (Teruyuki Kagawa), and his wife, Megumi (Kyoko Koizumi) are an ordinary middle-class Japanese family complete with two sons. Out of the blue, Ryuehi loses his job at a local office. Horrified and inspired by the act of an unemployed old school friend, Ryuehi tries to hide his job loss from his wife. What follows is a dramatic downward spiral, as Ryuhei's inability to deal with his lack of employment and concealment of the shame from his family begins to spill out into all of their lives.

  2. "Zenzen Daijobu" Teruo (Yoshiyoshi Arakawa) is a manual laborer who lives with his father over the used book store his family owns. His best friend, Hisanobu (Yoshinori Okada), is a nice guy working as a hospital administrator. Both are unhappy with the state of their lives until they meet Akari (Youshino Kimura), an odd but pretty girl who is an artist. Humor abounds as both misfits compete for the heart of the same oddball girl.

  3. "Hito No Sex O Warau Na" Yuri (Hiromi Nagasaku) is an attractive, 40-some college art professor. Mirume (Kenichi Matsuyama) is a young male student who meets Yuri on a campas bench during her smok break. Coy and intelligent, Yuri invites Mirume to her home for a art session that turns into an outright seduction. Hilariously uncomfortable situations abound when Mirume realizes Yuri is married, and Mirume's own girlfriends discovers the affair between the teacher and student.