Hugh Jackman And James Mangold Making Another ‘Wolverine’
Tuesday, November 5 by

It only makes sense that the story of a man with knife-fists spans across 8 movies.

Watch Wolverine Fight Some Guys On A Bullet Train
Monday, July 8 by

Reminder: this summer includes a movie about Wolverine called ‘The Wolverine’.

‘The Wolverine’ Gets Stabbed In The Butt In New Trailer
Tuesday, May 21 by

See how you like it.

‘The Wolverine’ Travels To Japan To Stab Bad Guys
Thursday, March 28 by

Ginsu 12,000

James Mangold Is The Newest Guy To Direct ‘The Wolverine’
Thursday, June 16 by

It’s the spiritual sequel to ‘Kate & Leopold’.

FOX ‘Narrows Down’ Potential ‘Wolverine’ Directors To 8
Thursday, May 26 by

Does it even count as ‘narrowing down’ if there are still 8 names left?

Mangold Takes Aim At Modern Day Western
Friday, December 17 by

The West ain’t as wild as it used to be, but all it takes is a couple of guns, a few pretty girls, and a heavy dose of hell bent vendetta to change all that.

JJ Abrams Takes Meeting to Discuss ‘Wicked’ Film Adaptation
Sunday, July 11 by

Seeing dollar signs in all things faaaaaaabulous, Universal is moving forward with a film adaptation of the Broadway musical hit Wicked. The movie will take the Wicked Witch of the West back to high school, where she is terrorized by the popular Glinda the Good Witch.The studio is taking meetings with a few directors, ranging from the awesome to the willing to make this kind of movie. First up, The potential directors are JJ Abrams, James Mangold, Rob Marshall, and "Glee's" Ryan Murphy. I really don't see Abrams hopping aboard this one due to his busy schedule of not sucking. The other three seem more well-suited for the material, given their experience with bringing musicals to film. I did notice that Universal has seemed to overlook Adam Shankman. He's probably sitting somewhere crying his eyes out over this snub. But in all fairness, he cries while watching "The Bachelorette." (Deadline)

‘Knight & Day’ International Trailer Promises Action Galore
Friday, April 16 by

Cruise wouldn't pay ten bucks for a Boston Market sandwich. If you thrive on non-stop explosions, car chases, and witty sarcasm then you're gonna have one helluva time watching this new international trailer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith Two a.k.a. Killers a.k.a Knight & Day. Hey, I enjoy a fun ride just as much as the next John reclined in the driver's seat of his Corolla, but there's a point when action set-pieces become more exhausting than five minutes of coitus. Having said that, no one does Jerry Maguire like Tom Cruise, and I still get tickled by his restrained fits of rage and amorphous torso. Seriously, what kind of crunches give you a three pack? Introduce some symmetry to your abs, Cruise. Check out the trailer after the jump. Knight & Day crashes into theaters June 25, 2010.

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