The 6 Most Thrilling Escape Scenes In Movie History
Thursday, August 16 by Lee Keeler

Domestic imprisonment and the anxiety of confinement are what make these 6 most thrilling escape scenes such a joy to watch. Sometimes it just takes a bunch of kiddie toys,…

Review: ‘Henry’s Crime’
Friday, April 15 by

I don’t think it’s great or memorable, but as one of the unorthodox releases this weekend, it may interest some of you.

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James Caan Hates And Fears Technology
Monday, April 11 by

Mr. Caan is declaring war on entertainment technology with the most powerful weapon in his arsenal: unbridled machismo.

Henry’s Crime
Tuesday, March 29 by

Director: Malcom Venille Cast: Keanu Reeves, Judy Greer, Vera Farmiga, James Caan Synopsis: An aimless man is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Release Date: 2010

Keanu Reeves Robs Bank, Audiences In ‘Henry’s Crime’ Trailer
Tuesday, January 4 by

The subplot involves a love interest (Vera Farmiga) and a local theater troupe lead by an old-Russian guy. If I wanted to listen to some old commie spout platitudes, I’d rent a Susan Sarandon movie.

Luke Wilson Brings Joy To Trillions in ‘Middle Men’ Trailer
Wednesday, June 16 by

The Internet used to suck. The Internet is good for a few things besides revitalizing Betty White's career, and Middle Men is here to remind us of that. The new film is inspired by the brave heros who brought porn to the Internet, and molded it into the universe it has become. Luke Wilson stars as a businessman who helps guide the first online billing company that deals exclusively with adult entertainment. Judging from their unkempt look and sparring habits, Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht co-star as the staff of Oh, I've just been told that they play the programmers who invent the billing method. I was close. Soon the trio are caught in the middle between porn stars, fabulous riches, Russian mobsters, the FBI, and Luke Wilson once again has to tangle with Mr. Henry. It's weird to see him without Rowboat. PAY SOME RESPECT TO THE INTERNET'S HERITAGE AFTER THE JUMP…

Middle Men
Wednesday, June 16 by

Director: George GalloCast: Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht, James CaanSynopsis: Businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life – a beautiful family and a successful career fixing problem companies. And then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but troubled men, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet.Release Date: August 6, 2010

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