First Person To Buy An iPhone 6 Dropped It Immediately On Live TV
Friday, September 19 by


The 7 Greatest Moments of Product Placement In House of Cards
Tuesday, May 13 by

Netflix bid on and won the rights to House of Cards in 2011, buying the show before producers shot it, and committed to two seasons. With David Fincher and Kevin…

Hi, I'm J.J. High five!
Create Special Effects On Your iPhone Courtesy Of J.J. Abrams
Thursday, December 29 by

Lens flare at the touch of a button.

Steve Jobs via 'South Park'
So Long, Steve Jobs; Here Are Five Videos We’ll Remember You By
Wednesday, August 24 by

What better way to say goodbye to Steve Jobs than with five hastily compiled videos?

‘Super 8′ Super Pack: New Clip, New Pics, New iPhone App
Thursday, May 19 by

In case Schwarzenegger’s secret kid is pushing the ‘Super 8′ kids temporarily out of your head, here’s some more preview stuff.

iWatch Some New iFootage From Park Chan-Wook’s New iPhone Movie
Tuesday, January 18 by

We’ve reported earlier that Oldboy director Park Chan-wook’s next movie Paranmanjang (which might eventually be released here in the US as Night Fishing) would be a 30-minute short film shot entirely on an iPhone.

7 Tips For Salvaging Your Netflix Account
Tuesday, January 11 by

Just like a spouse or a child, over time you might end up neglecting or even resenting your Netflix account. But don’t pull out your bottle of Jack Daniels and jar of pain pills just yet; there’s still time to save this relationship.

Park Chan-Wook Oldboy Thumbnail
‘Oldboy’ Director’s New Camera Is His iPhone
Monday, January 10 by

Shooting a film for theaters? Yes, there’s even an app for that.

Jason Bateman Booed for Cutting iPhone Line
Friday, June 25 by

Later, bitches!Jason Bateman doesn't stand in lines for iPhones. He's Jason Bateman! Yesterday at the Grove in L.A., Jason Bateman cut a line of 2,000 eager Apple nerds to claim his very own brand new, shiny iPhone 4. Upon his departure from the store the Apple store, Bateman was booed by the pions who had to subscribe to line-waiting. Did some poor kid in the back get turned away because they ran out of iPhones due to line hoppers? Probably, but f*ck that guy. Celebrities get privileges that fry cooks don't. (Vulture)

Sam Mendes Directed iPhone 4 Commercial
Monday, June 7 by

You can watch your unborn child on your new iPhone, yo!After Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPhone 4 today, he premiered the new commercial "FaceTime" directed by Sam Mendes of American Beauty and Road to Perdition fame. The spot showcases the video conferencing capabilities of the new slimmer device. You can now help your friends decide on what outfit to wear, or watch from across the world as your baby takes her first steps. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound depressing. This is advanced technology. Show me a smile!Check out the spot at Apple HERE.

Sam Mendes Taking On iPhone Commercials
Tuesday, May 25 by

Spread your apps for Papa.Sam Mendes is transitioning from directing Academy Award winning movies such as American Beauty to directing commercials for Apple's new iPhone. He's currently shooting this week for commercials that will air after Steve Jobs announces the new "gimme gimme!" device on June 7th. According to Engadget, the series of commercials are being referred to internally as the Mammoth / N90:A trusted source has confirmed to us that the ads will feature at least one spot where a mother and daughter are having a video chat conversation using the new front-facing camera that’s been spied on the face of that iPhone floating around Vietnam and Northern California.Mendes joins the ranks of David Fincher, Ridley Scott, and Errol Morris, who have all directed commercials for Apple. I'm not saying Apple is extorting these talented helmers, but is it so hard to believe that Fincher and Scott didn't properly dispose of a production assistant's body in the past? Steve Jobs has eyes and ears everywhere… **Puts on tin foil hat. Smears Cheetos dust on video chat camera** (/Film)

Wednesday, August 5 by

Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding, is upset about being left out of the Saved By The Bell reunion that People magazine recently put together. Apparently Zack and the show's other main actors would only reunite if "creepy" Belding and Screech were excluded. "I earned the right to be there. If anybody deserved to be on that cover, it was Dennis Haskins," the actor explained to the Detroit News. "I want people to know it was not my choice not to be there, because I would have been there. It hurts my feelings, but I'll live." Not cool, you guys. Belding is just as much a part of the show as the rest of you. Just because he always leers at Jessie's chest while saying with a lecherous smile, "Loved you in Showgirls," is not reason enough to freeze him out. This is just like televised high school all over again. (NY Mag)Have a gander at these morning links…Trailer for Peter Jackson's latest The Lovely Bones. (Apple) Double-threat Heath Ledger directs a Modest Mouse video. (The Playlist)Larry Fessenden visits The Orphanage. (Dread Central)Jason Segel joins The Adventurer's Handbook. (First Showing)Netflix streaming on its way to iPhone. (Cinema Blend)Check out the hotties in new Sorority Row pics. (Latino Review) Drop $40K on the Predator pool table. (Uncrate)

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