Note: The first three rows are the "splash zone."
A Porn Studio Is Building An Underground Bunker For The Apocalypse
Friday, September 9 by

I think the survivors will envy the dead in this scenario.

Links Away: Hustler Skewers ‘Jeopardy!’
Tuesday, February 22 by

Perhaps they’re running out of ideas, or perhaps this is just what America needs. In any case, Hustler’s upcoming parody of popular long-running game show “Jeopardy!” is bound to be the most educational porno of the last ten years.

Where To Hide Porn
Monday, February 7 by CHARNEDRA MCCOOK

Do you need to know where to hide porn? If so, then you have come to the right place. No one wants to leave their porn around for any and…

Hustler’s ‘Avatar’ Porno Will Blow Your Mind (and Other Things) In 3D
Friday, June 18 by

We're through the looking glass here, people. Hustler has announced that their upcoming sexxed-up take on Avatar, entitled This Ain't Avatar XXX will be jamming more than ponytails into orifices in pants-swelling 3D. Though it's not the world's first porno (that distinction belongs to Octopussy 3D: A XXX Parody and Whorrie Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls), it will be Hustler's most expensive.This idea scares the crap out of me. I really don't want to be naked except for a pair of 3D glasses. That's a rule that I've set for my life and one that I don't intend to break. It's on my bucket list of things not to do. And what would happen if you cross your eyes while wearing those things?!! I don't know and don't want to know!! (Huffington Post)

Hustler’s Making an ‘Avatar’ Porno. Duh.
Tuesday, January 19 by

The "Reverse Na'vi-girl" has already been perfected. Someone over at Hustler had the brilliant idea to turn the second (soon maybe first) most profitable movie of all time into a porno. Give that man a promotion! In addition to Hustler, he must have an endless subscription to DUH!!!!!! Magazine.The nakey, sweaty, blue-smeary version of Avatar will be called This Ain't Avatar XXX, and it's just one of a few forthcoming porn parodies from Hustler. They also plan to "produce" This Ain't Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX, This Ain't Glee XXX, and This Ain't CSI XXX: Chatsworth. Another genius must by scribbling these names down feverishly in the titling department.In fact, the titles are confusing and misleading altogether. Is this NOT Avatar XXX? Does that mean it's just the Avatar without all the moaning and thrusting? If I'm browsing the shelves of my favorite adult bookstore for the latest Avatar porn why would I want to buy the one called This AIN'T Avatar XXX? I want This IS Avatar XXX. I want the IS! All of the blue, long-tailed, pointy-earred filthy IS they can crame into one poorly executed film! Just don't give it to me in 3D. My senses aren't prepared for that onslaught… (Empire)

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