9 Actresses Who Get By On Their Looks
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When it comes to Hollywood, women are at an extreme disadvantage. Where as men can rely almost solely on their talent (Steve Buscemi rules!), a hot body is basically a prerequisite for landing a female role. And if an actress is lucky enough to break through, there’s a whole chorus of naysayers waiting to accuse her of being nothing more than an untalented pair of tits. While I totally recognize that it’s a twisted, hypocritical process, who am I to buck the trend?

‘Top Chef: Los Vegas’ Host Padma Lakshmi
Wednesday, August 19 by

The spiciest season yet of Top Chef premieres tonight on Bravo, and we can't wait to see what kind of foodie antics host Padma Lakshmi doles out in Sin City.  This could quite possibly be the season where a naked Quick Fire Challenge gets things all hot and sweaty in the kitchen.  Sure, it's unsanitary, but a nude Padma bossing those eager chefs around is too appealing of an idea to worry about E. coli. A word from Padma: "In India, we like healthier, more voluptuous types."Amen, sister.  You gotta have something to grab on to.  Check out a few more pics of Padma and all of her voluptuousness after the jump!

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While we gave her the nod in our hot female grifters feature, we felt Spread actress Margarita Levieva deserved her own gallery because, well, she's ridiculously good looking.  The Russian-born beauty spent her early life as a competitive gymnast on the Communist Russia payroll before moving to New York at 11.  There, she went to NYU and worked as a fashion buyer for Assets London (we don't know what that is either, but for now let's just assume it's something important).  She's got few film credits to her name at this point, with her only notable role being that of Lisa P in the awesome Adventureland.  However, she's hot and her name is the same as a delicious drink, so we feel she's going places.A word from Margarita: "I’m not an insecure person, per se, but I just never saw myself as the girl who walks into a place and everybody goes, ‘Wow.’"Rest assured, if she ever walked into the Screen Junkies offices, we would let out a collective wow.  Then, we'd awkwardly stammer through directions to the office she should be in.  It's obviously not ours. Check out more photos of Margarita after the jump!

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Not since the release of the latest Harry Potter movie have we really had to worry about oogling girls that may in fact be underage.  Then Bandslam came into our sphere of thought.  This features more "wait a second, are they 18?" babes than you can shake a stick at.  Since Vanessa Hudgens is proving to be a shameless photo hooker without our help, we felt it would be best to point you towards Alyson Michalka, the legal babe that somehow manages to not have nude pics of her turn up on the internet every six months.  Prior to Bandslam, Alyson's big acting job was on the Disney Channel series "Phil of the Future," but she also happens to be a platinum-selling recording artist with Aly & AJ, a band she started with her younger sister.  Plus, when she was 10, she won a Christmas card competition with Hallmark.  So, before she was legal, she accomplished more than 80% of the people reading this have as adults.A word from Alyson: "I'm always the crazy one at parties who will do silly stuff! I've eaten like five lemon wedges and then I had to drink a cup of sugar!"See, Vanessa Hudgens?  That should be the crazy stuff you do, not drink five lemon-lime Smirnoff Ices and decide to take photos of yourself in your birthday suit!  You work for Disney, for goodness sake!  Check out wholesomely hot photos of Alyson after the jump.

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Another hot actress from The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard?  Crap, I already used a "she's got 'the goods'" joke yesterday with Jordana Spiro. Gotta think of another title-pertinent description for Noureen Dewulf… Oh, I got it: Noureen Dewulf is no "hard sell."  Goodness, that's brilliant.  The young actress first started gaining attention in the Oscar-winning short film West Bank Story.  Since then, she's had a steady stream of work that includes both film and TV, including The Ghosts Of Girlfriend's Past, Oceans 13, and "Chuck."  Did I mention she's gotten all these jobs in about a two-year span?  At this rate, expect Noureen to be huge in another two.A word from Noureen: "I think the most important thing women look for in men is a level of comfort in your life, if you're nerdy, be nerdy, if you're cool and super talkative, be that. I'm attracted to people who are comfortable with themselves and are proud to be that way."Maybe I shouldn't have written out that inner monologue about me struggling for a joke; that wasn't confident at all.  I blew what little chances I had with her already.  Oh well, check out more hot photos of Noureen after the jump! 

‘Weeds’ Actress Elizabeth Perkins
Tuesday, August 4 by

Weeds has a variety of incredibly attractive women on it, but in comparison to other shows, it has the milf market cornered.  Much is said about Mary-Louise Parker, but the unsung hot mom of the show is Elizabeth Perkins.  Playing Celia Hodes, she nails the "raging bitch" role down pat, almost too well.  It makes us hope her character experiences a softening-up that occurs as a result of her new relationship with an oddly juvenile co-worker, preferrably played by Tom Hanks.  That, or we could all just watch Big again.  Either way, she's still hot.A word from Elizabeth: "My sisters are very academically inclined so whenever they would fix me up, it would always be from someone in their world, people they would find attractive. When they came to the door in suits, it was over."Luckily, most of our readership don't own suits, so it seems like we have a shot!  Check out more hot photos of Elizabeth after the jump!

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Unlike Michael Bay, who hires models for every non-matronly female part in his films, Stephen Somers only hires models to play models in his upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.  The drop-dead gorgeous Karolina Kurkova will be playing the aptly nicknamed "Cover Girl," a former professional model who decided that runways and eating disorders were boring, and that blowing sh*t up in the army would be much more au courant.  A word from Karolina: "Mother Nature made me the way I am, and I should be happy."Most men would high five Mother Nature's palms red for creating Karolina. Check out the photos of Karolina after the jump and turn your palms red! From all the clapping, of course. 

Jessi Klein from ‘Michael and Michael Have Issues’
Wednesday, July 29 by

I understand that there's a natural skepiticism when one is informed of a both funny and hot woman; theoretically, the two cannot exist together, as it defies all common logic.  But make no mistake: Jessi Klein is both hot and funny.  She's been doing standup and clip shows for quite some time, and is now not only writing, but acting as the show-within-a-show's producer, Marla, on "Michael And Michael Have Issues."  Meanwhile, I'm still trying to hire a team of scientists  that will tell me how she is biologically possible. A word from Jessi: "When I meet a guy for the first time, I have no problem with his eyes wandering south for a second to check out my rack—that’s when I steal a glance at the little slip of landscape peeking out from the collar of his shirt. Is it heavily forested, gently grassy, or just a desert-like stretch of flesh, with nary a hair in sight to provide shade?" What a very fair way to handle that situation.  Check out some classy (meaning with clothing, because she respects herself) photos and some of Jessi's standup routine after the jump!

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Turns out Madeline Zima was only the tip of the ice berg that is hot women in the new horror-heist thriller The Collector.  Today, we direct your attention to the lovely Andrea Roth.  She's been a TV and film star for quite some time, most recently in a recurring role on the edgy (meaning it's on basic cable and they actually say "sh*t!") drama "Rescue Me." A word from Andrea: "When they were casting, Denis [Leary] was very specific  that he didn't want any actors from L.A., and I was living in L.A. at the time."Yet she still got the part.  Can you blame Denis Leary though?  He would have been stupid not to cast her.  Check out more hot photos of Andrea after the jump!

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Judd Apatow has a knack for finding women that manage to be very funny and incredibly hot at the same time for his movies.  For Funny People, he has found Aubrey Plaza, and up and coming actress and comedian who plays Seth Rogen's love interest in the film.  She also stars on the small screen in NBC's Parks and Recreation.  As a small side note, her Sarah Silverman impression is dead on.A word from Aubrey: "Wilmington is pretty small. There wasn't a ton to do there, but it definitely made me more creative because I had to kind of find my own thing to do, which is why I started making weird, funny videos."So growing up in a small and boring town is the secret to creating a hot and funny personality… Very interesting.  Check out more photos of Aubrey after the jump!

‘Entourage’ Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui
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"Entourage" made its triumphant return last night, and with it came the return of the adorable Emmanuelle Chriqui.  She took a long break from playing Sloan, Eric's smoking hot girlfriend – much to the dismay of every heterosexual male who watches it in hopes of seeing attractive women (the same ones who watch to hear Ari say something cool that they can co-opt for themselves).  The producers and writers must've realized they were all morons for not featuring her on the show, and now she's back.  All is right with the world (except the economy, of course).A word from Emmanuelle: "You know, "Entourage" is the biggest surprise of my career. It's never really been my dream to be on a TV series. But every pilot season, my agent wants me to do something. So this time I said, 'Okay, look, if I do television, I want to do an HBO show.'"It's no surprise you'll find hot photos of Emmanuelle after the jump.

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Throughout the ages, enchanting babes with supernatural powers have come and gone, but a few exceptional ones have stuck out in our memory.  This list is a tribute to fifteen of Screen Junkies' favorite magical, sexy ladies and the spells they put on us. 15. Cheras Alexandra Medford in The Witches of Eastwick (1987)Cher may be a hell of a singer, if not always the best actress, but in this 80’s magical movie she got to show off her hots, received a significantly larger role than she normally did in her films, and showed what a sexy magical babe she could be.  That's her on the left of the Eastwick poster if you didn't already know. 

Wednesday, July 1 by

In honor of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs opening this weekend, we decided to feature a picture gallery of sexy cavewomen wearing skimpy loincloths.  You might interject, "ScreenJunkies, despite what the Flinstones depicts, humans weren't around during the time of the dinosaurs!" to which we'd respond – and haughtily, we might add – "Would you rather see a gallery of wooly mammoth ass?"   Above: Queen Latifah telling us to "Talk to the trunk."If you answered "yes" then you're into Furries and should be reading Holy Taco.  If you answered "no" then get get ready for some B.C. T&A. 

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Where You've Seen Her: The très, trés French starlet Marion Cotillard doesn't have a ton of American flicks under her ceinture just yet, but she's already won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as chanteuse Edith Piaf in 2007's La Vie En Rose.  In Public Enemies, she plays Billie Frechette, John Dillinger's (Johnny Depp) lady friend.  Look for her in The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan's upcoming mega-budgeted sci-fi Inception, where she'll be one of the more reasonably priced special effects.   A Word From Marion: My parents always told me that if you want something, you can do whatever you have to do to get it. As long as it's not against someone else. Check out the hot photos of Marion "Fair Play" Cotillard after the jump:

10 Hottest Female Newscasters
Monday, June 29 by

There are times in recent years when I am not sure if I am watching the News or "Access Hollywood."  The reporting is as equally superficial and shallow for both nowadays.  Nancy O'Dell should be a news correspondent for FOX, CNN, or MSNBC; she looks the part and can clearly read a teleprompter as good as the other "women journalists" at these corporate news channels. Which one is Nancy O’Dell from "Access Hollywood" and which one is a "serious journalist?" I have no idea, either.

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All this week, BAYWATCH '09 has given you the goods on all things that go BOOM.  Monday was the 10 Best Michael Bay-directed Music Videos… Tuesday was the first ever Michael Bay Explosion Tournament… Well, it wouldn't be a proper Bay-themed week without cleavage.  You're welcome.By Thomas Anderson

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Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom opens in wider release this weekend. If you get to the theater and Up and Drag Me to Hell are sold out – or if you're in the mood to just see a rock solid, atypical summer movie, then check it out (and if you want, read our review).  If you need extra incentive to see it, how about one of its stars, Japanese bombshell Rinko Kikuchi, who plays Bang Bang, the aptly-named explosives expert.  We won't delve into dirty jokes about her character's moniker, but we'll gladly play set up man for your sick minds.  Where else you've seen Rinko: Probably not many other films, unless you're a Japanese cineaste.  But her breakout role was in the Oscar-nominated Babel, a film in which she played the deaf/mute girl Chieko Wataya.  (She is one of eight actors of Asian descent nominated for an Academy Award in an acting category.)  Look for her in Mikael Håfström's '40s period piece, Shanghai, opposite John Cusack and Chow Yun Fat. Random Quote: "The nudity itself was not my concern." (re: Babel)See the photos of Rinko not concerning herself with nudity after the jump:

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  This Friday, Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell emerges from the depths and into theaters everywhere.  Its star, Alison Lohman, plays Chris, a submissive bank employee who has to grow a pair when a curse is put on her and a particularly douche-y demon tries to… yes, you know… drag her to Hell. Raimi is known for his male muses, particularly Bruce Campbell, but can Lohman become the female Ash?  We've seen the film, and she's got the comic chops, if not the chin. ALISON LOHMAN TALKS DRAG ME TO HELL – Watch more Movie Trailers Where else you've seen her: Lohman got her big break as Angela, Nic Cage's long lost daughter, in Matchstick Men.  She quickly followed that up as a young Sandra Templeton Bloom in Tim Burton's Big Fish, and was the spitting image of a young Jessica Lange, who played the older Sandra.  Look for Alison in the upcoming Neveldine/Taylor-helmed Gamer, with Gerard Butler. Random Quote: The only thing I care about is that I have a strong sense of the character I'm playing. Check out the photos of Alison after the jump.

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Today's the big day… Judgment Day has happened… the Machines have Risen… but Salvation is on our doorsteps.  Despite a 34% score on RottenTomatoes (as of this post), Terminator Salvation, which opens today, will most likely pack 'em into theaters like a Harvester bagging meatsacks.  And Bryce Dallas Howard (above) is another reason to go see it.  Unless you're listening to Harry Knowles' scathing review, which states that all Bryce was did during the film was "open her eyes really wide." In the film, Bryce plays Kate Connor, the wife of John Connor – a role originated in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, by Claire Danes.  And as you'll see from the picture above and the ones after the jump, if there's any actress whose baby blues we'd like to see widening repeatedly on screen, it's Ms. Howard.Narrow your eyes in the blinding beauty of Bryce photos after the jump. 

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Tomorrow, Terminator Salvation opens, and there's been a lot of controversy surrounding its PG-13 rating.  You see, it's the first Terminator flick that's been anything less than an "R," and the question remains as to whether or not that means watered down.  One decidely R-Rated moment chopped from the film is a topless Moon Bloodgood (above), who plays Blair Williams, a badass lady pilot for the Resistance. Where Else You've Seen Her:You might recognize her as Livia Beale, time-jumping hero Dan Vasser's ex on the short-lived NBC series, "Journeyman."  She also had a brief scene in What Just Happened, the Barry Levinson-directed comedy starring Robert DeNiro as a Hollywood producer losing his mind.  And she's also got a couple episodes of "Burn Notice" under her belt, which is not the only accessory she's not wearing in any of the photos after the jump.  Random Quote: "I'm into chivalry. As much as I'm a guy's girl with a potty mouth, a polite man who opens the door is so refreshing."Click "MORE" for more photos of Ms. Bloodgood.

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Sasha Grey is a renaissance woman.  Not only does she pay the rent doing what most people do for fun (or babies), she also happens to be an intelligent and ambitious 21 year-old creative.  And with her starring performance in Steven Soderbergh’s newest film, The Girlfriend Experience, she’s now officially under the mainstream microscope. Screen Junkies had the good fortune to be invited to the film’s press junket, where Grey discussed such subjects as juggling porn and indie film, the odds of starring alongside teenybopper celebs, and her soon-to-be produced adult script, The F&%k Junkie.  If we ever start a porn column on this site, we now have a name.   

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