There have been many horror movie directors over the years who focused extensively on the genre. Many of these directors worked mostly in lower budget films because film studios are often reluctant to spend a lot of money on horror productions. The best horror movie directors have a knack for using visuals to get under the audience's skin.

  1. George Romero This is the horror movie director behind “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.” He is known for his tendency to mix political commentary in his horror films along with a penchant for extreme gore.

  2. Mario Bava This horror movie director was a key figure in the development of the Italian horror style and he’s known for having beautiful visuals in his films. He made classics like “Planet of the Vampires” and “Lisa and the Devil.”

  3. Terence Fisher This is the man who helped establish the filmmaking style for the British Hammer horror studio. He was known for an elegant style and this can be seen in classic films like “Horror of Dracula.”

  4. Wes Craven This is the man behind “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream.” His films vary quite a bit stylistically, but he has a knack for making his films very commercially successful.

  5. John Carpenter This is the director of movies like the original “Halloween” and “Prince of Darkness.” His films often have a very slow, creepy atmosphere and he does his own music.

  6. Lucio Fulci This is another Italian horror icon who’s known for extremely crazy and gory films. He made “The Beyond” and “House by the Cemetery.”

  7. Dario Argento This Italian horror director has a lot of visual pizzazz and he is known for writing smart screenplays. Some of his best films include “Suspiria” and “Phenomenon.”

  8. Tobe Hooper This director is primarily known for one movie: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Many people don’t realize that he also made the classic “Poltergeist.”

  9. Todd Browning He was one of the icons of 1930s horror filmmaking. He made the original “Dracula” film with Bela Lugosi and he also made the classic “Freaks.”

  10. Sam Raimi This director has worked in many genres, but he is mostly identified for his incredible skill as a horror director. He made the “Evil Dead” films and, more recently, he made the excellent “Drag Me to Hell.”