The Hills Series Finale Ending
Monday, August 22 by Angie Marie

Finishing the story of a group of young adults in Southern California, "The Hills" series finale ending left fans wondering a highly debated conundrum of if the reality series was…

Someone Gave Heidi Montag a Gun for Her ‘Transformers 3′ Audition
Wednesday, May 26 by

Heidi Montag Transformers 3 Audition – Watch more Funny Videos No one tell her the role's already been filled. She's got a gun and can only land a hit at close range, for God's sake. (Movieline) These links make a fine shield. New York in Movies Montag (Moviefone) Savanna Sampson Talks Porn Stardom (Asylum) Kendra's Sex Tape Broke Her Heart (PopEater) 25 Jared Allen Mullet Pics (HolyTaco) Best Movie Review You'll Read (FilmDrunk) 12 Examples of Badass Body Armor in Movies (Unreality) Lindsay Lohan 2 Blackout Party Pics (BroBible) She'll Bend Over Backwards for You (TotalProSports) Hot Girls and the Great Outdoors (Maxim) Dana White Video Blog (CagePotato) Blake Lively Bohemian Bikini Pics (CelebJihad) 20 Worst Work Outfits of All Time (Smosh) Five TV Finales That Nearly Ruined the Series (Pajiba) Happy Ending Massage (Atom) Travel Advice from Josh Duhmel (MadeMan)

‘The Hills’ Reenacted Supposedly by Kids
Tuesday, April 27 by

Supposedly this is a parody of "The Hills" with kids taking over the roles of the people? actors? morons? on the show. I gotta tell ya though, I just don't see it. Maybe it's like one of those Magic Eye posters where my brain can't discern, but this video seriously just looks like a regular episode of "The Hills" to me. Wait, let me stand a little farther back… Nope, everyone still acts retarded. (Babelgum)Oh my God, these links are totally links. 'Prince of Persia' Trailer Gets Lego-ized (Moviefone)History's Most Awesome Time Capsules (Asylum)Doc Says Bret Michaels May Not Recover (PopEater)25 Sexy Peta Girls (HolyTaco)James Bond Fans Shaken, Stirred (FilmDrunk)Best Fictional Bands in Movies (Unreality)24 Hot Girls Working Out (TotalProSports)11 Worst Places to Be Hung Over (Maxim)Harold Howard is Batsh*t Crazy (CagePotato)Beyone Fell Out of Her Top (CelebJihad)25 White People with Cornrows (Smosh)7 Most Vile Romantic Comedy Creatures (Pajiba)Wiki-Wiki Wikipedia (Atom)Adriana Lima Photo Shoot (MadeMan)Dennis Setzer Talladega Crash (AllLeftTurns)9 Childhood Characters You Crushed On (RegretfulMorning)

Heidi Montag’s Breasts vs. Shark. Why Can’t THIS Be a Reality Show?
Friday, March 26 by

"We're gonna need some bigger breasts."Look what you started, Adam Sandler. You gave Heidi Montag a cameo in Just Go With It and now she thinks she's Cecil B-Cup Demille. She tells People (or anyone else who will listen):“I am making the first 3D beach comedy about a shark that attacks a small beach town and I save the day with my 3D boobs. I’m now finally free to start my career and my new life as a female mogul in Hollywood! I’ve even written a role for Dolly Parton to play the town mayor!” Granted, it's a nice use of 3D but this movie is so insulting to victims of shark attacks and their families. If she could, I'm sure Bethany Hamilton would flip Heidi off with both middle fingers.

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