Sexy face, sexy outfit, sexy girl.
9 Actresses Hotter Than Rihanna, Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive
Tuesday, October 11 by

But would they make good mothers? Just kidding. I don’t care.

Hayden Panettiere
Let’s Hope The Amanda Knox Movie Has A Nude Scene
Tuesday, October 4 by

If not, at least it’s only a matter of time before the actual Amanda Knox poses for Playboy.

Review: Scream 4
Wednesday, April 13 by

It’s got all the hallmarks of the series we love to see again and we get to catch up with all the characters, but it feels forced and uninspired.

Scream 4
Tuesday, April 5 by

Ghostface returns for more media and coed skewering.

Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed Move To ‘Downers Grove’
Monday, November 8 by

Hayden Panettiere is wasting no time in becoming Hollywood’s next Scream Queen. With Scream 4 under her belt, she’s now joining the thriller Downer’s Grove. Prom Night’s Nelson McCormick is directing the script adapted by Bret Easton Ellis, with Panettiere, Nikki Reed, and Rebecca De Mornay having signed on.

Hey, Here Are Some Set Photos: ‘Scream 4′ and ‘Premium Rush’
Tuesday, July 20 by

Today we have set photos from two completely unrelated films; Wes Craven's Scream 4 and David Koepp's Premium Rush. They're just boring enough to not warrant their own posts, while simultaneously movie-related enough to warrant me having to form an opinion about them.

‘Scream 4′ To Feature Two Masks
Wednesday, June 30 by

An early concept.Everyone is on Twitter these days. Celebrities, fake celebrities, movie humor sites, and even the manufacturer of the mask used in the Scream films. It's only a matter of time before our younger cousins teach our grandparents how to tweet. But back to RJ Torbert of FunWorld, the creator of Scream's Ghostface. He recently leaked some information about the sequel on his Twitter page, and it looks like Neve Campbell isn't the only one sporting a new look:I expect there to be 2 diff masks, however I will say this, things changing very often – difficult to say without giving it away.Sent out additional GHOSTFACE to the SET today, a very interesting opening scene.Lets just say, the town of Woodsboro, has an obsession. There is your hint.Hmmm, okay let me guess. Obsession sounds liks Obsessed. Ali Larter starred in Obsessed and "Heroes" alongside Scream 4 star Hayden Panettiere. Hayden Panettiere was a child actor who turned out hot. Oh my God. I know who the killer is. Or killers are, I should say. It's Alyssa Milano and Christine Lakin. It's so obvious. Why didn't I see this before?!! **smokes pipe backwards** (ShockTillYouDrop)

‘Scream 4′ Offers Roles to Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere
Friday, May 21 by

Photos courtesy of 'Twilight: New Moon' premiere and the day Hayden ate WebsterI wasn't sure if I should be looking forward to Scream 4 or not, but today comes news that at the very least, it will be fun to look at. Wes Craven has offered the lead to Ashley Greene as well as supporting roles to some other familiar faces.Greene has been approached to play Jill, the cousin to Neve Campbell's Sidney. Hayden Panettiere has also been approached to play a film geek and best friend to Jill. The newest Culkin clone, Rory, may sign on as a love interest, and Lake Bell is in negotiations to play a police officer who knows Sidney from high school. Due to the secrecy of the project, the actors aren't being told much about the film beyond their character descriptions. This is making it difficult for them to decide if they want the shoot this July, but I would think they'd be eager for the chance to work with David Arquette.I really feel for poor Hayden, always being type-cast. But in all fairness, look at this nerdlinger:God, I would kick so much sand in her face. (THR)

What’s On TV Tonight: Monday, October 12th, 2009
Monday, October 12 by

Tonight's episode of Heroes morphs into a Girls Gone Wild video and MTV airs the reality series starring real-life Final Destination victim, DJ AM. CHECK OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP NOTE: ALL TIMES EASTERN & PACIFIC

Thursday, July 9 by

Friday marks the release of two "major" films, and both of them star celebrities who have lusted after Milo Ventimiglia.  I Love You, Beth Cooper tells the story of an unrequited high school crush. Brüno tells the story of… well, you’ve seen Borat right?  It's like that, but with different accents and a lot more butt sex jokes.  But here we are in the middle of July with not a single cat fight. Even Mariah Carey is playing nice with Janet Jackson! So, we went ahead and charted out the Diva War, blow by blow, to determine who'll be box office champion of the weekend! Actually, it's pretty obvious Brüno's gonna sweep the floor with Hayden's alabaster locks, but let's give each side a fair shake.Here you are, the scientific breakdown of each person’s worth (sums it up well):

Thursday, July 9 by

You remember the little girl from Remember The Titans? Yes you do. Don't you sit there and lie to me. You know damn well you watched that movie and said to yourself, "That girl is gonna be hot someday." Then you said, "Is that weird of me to say that? Does that make me a pedophile?" And the answer is," Don't look now, but Chris Hansen is standing behind you."Regardless of your deviance, we can all agree that Hayden grew up from this…All the way into this very attractive and very legal woman.    In honor of Miss Panettiere starring in I Love You, Beth Cooper this Friday, let's follow her career path starting with her breakout role and see how Hayden's… ahem… developed. "HEROES"

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